New 3 Golden Rings to Better Health and Fitness Transformation Program

Phoenix, AZ, July 28, 2009 --( Fitness Elements & Associates New 3 Golden Rings to Better Health and Fitness Transformation Program Offers 2-3 Pounds per week and 1% Body-fat loss per week Results Guaranteed.

President of Fitness Elements & Associates, Natalie Pyles, announces July 27th, 2009 launch of 3 Golden Rings to Better Health & Fitness Transformation Program in Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ residents with a bold Guarantee 2-3 pounds per week and 1% body-fat loss per week Results and Guarantee: if the participant does not achieve his or her predetermined weight loss or fitness goals within 12 weeks a 100% refund will be issued.

"What most people want is a weight loss and fitness solution that finally works for them," explains Natalie Pyles, a certified Fitness professional, Licensed Nutritionist, and Licensed Wellness Coach with 17 years of experience and expertise in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. " Three essential components are necessary to obtain the desired results:

1. The correct Fitness mix: cardiovascular exercise to burn calories during the session, and lean muscle-building strength training to increase the individuals's metabolism, thereby burning calories at a higher rate throughout the day, and flexibility to prevent injury and enlongate those muscles to give a longer and leaner appearance.

2. The correct Fuel mix: traditional dieting causes the body's metabolism to slow dramatically to conserve fuel for energy. It's unhealthy and generally result's in a 'bounce-back' or 'yo-yo' effect. Eating correctly means fueling your body throughout the day with a variety of healthful foods. This keeps the body's metabolism burning calories at a higher rate. It's counter intuitive, but it's time-tested, and a scientific fact.

3. The correct information, motivation, and faith in yourself and your coach for emotional support: people need the right information, guidance, and a little - or sometimes a lot - of external motivation and support to achieve their weight-loss and fitness goals. The Personal trainer, Nutritionist, and Wellness Coach provides the information, listening, motivation, and a lot of faith to visualize their physical potential the other participants provide the emotional support."

Fitness Elements & Associates 3 Golden Rings to Better Health & Fitness Transformation Program will get the Results if recruits agree they will adhere to specific nutritional guidelines and attend each session time slot for them on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday time slot for a twelve-week period . In return, Ms. Pyles guarantees each participant will achieve his or her predetermined weight loss and fitness goals. Ms. Pyles can be reached for more information at 480-212-1947.

"We sit down with the new recruit, honestly assess their current health situation and create a mutually agreed upon aggressive, yet achievable individual goal with an outcome and deadline commitment. At the end of the twelve-week period, if the recruit has not met or exceeded his or her goals, we will unconditionally refund every penny of their investment. This guarantee is stipulated in writing and is a binding contract," says Natalie Pyles.

"No other fitness and weight loss program I'm aware of offers such an iron-clad guarantee of results. Believe me, if I wasn't confident this system works, I certainly wouldn't offer a money-back guarantee. People are sick of the hype and misinformation surrounding the weight loss and fitness industry. All they want is something that will finally give them the results they deserve. We guarantee the Fitness Elements & Associates 3 Golden Rings of Health & Fitness Transformation Program is a no-nonsense, practical for anyone and will fulfill on the promise regardless of the individual's fitness level or age. It's fun, very social and gives people an opportunity to jump-start their day with a positive personal victory, " explains Ms. Pyles.

Note to Editor : Natalie Pyles is available for candid and informative interviews on health,fitness, and expert nutrition advise.

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