Alabama Author Randall Roberson Releases Two Sequels to His First Book, The Adventures of Junior

Local Alabama author Randall Roberson, has finished publishing More Adventures Of Junior, and Further Adventures Of Junior; two sequels to The Adventures Of Junior.

Oneonta, AL, July 29, 2009 --( On July 24 2009, local Alabama author Randall Roberson released two sequels to his first book which was The Adventures Of Junior. The two sequels, More Adventures Of Junior, and Further Adventures Of Junior continue following escapades and humor concerning Junior's adolecent years.

Randall has made his work available to the general public through and other online bookstores. Randall hopes these books will be as enjoyable for everyones reading pleasure, as they were for him to write them.

Randall aspired to become a writer for many years before finally getting a break in late 2008. This publisher read Randall's manuscript, then contacted Randall concerning publication. Becoming very enthusiastic about the proposed
publishing of his work, Randall signed the necessary forms, and his first book was published early in 2009.

Since then Randall has finished the two other books mentioned, and has another book forthcoming later this year. According to Randall, this work is not related with his other books. With an approach to something different, this work will be in another genre than humorous fiction.

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Randall Roberson