Morbidgames Publishing Continues to See Growth

Manhattan, NY, July 29, 2009 --( Morbidgames Publishing continues to expand their product line and distribution channels. With the release of their new steampunk fantasy book Ave Molech Lore: Forgotten Mythos and a growing partnership with RPGBomb’s online store, the small Western Regional based company continues to breath light in an otherwise dark market.

“It isn’t just Morbidgames that has been experiencing growth and expanding,” Said, Michael G. Hurston, founder and creative director, “The PDF Publishing market as a whole has been continuing to see growth in this recession.”

Over the last two years Morbidgames has released eight PDF books and one printed edition based in their steampunk fantasy world setting known as Ave Molech. Their PDF titles are carried at Paizo, RPGNow, DriveThruStuff, Your Games Now, Steve Jackson Games and now RPGBomb in addition to their own Morbidgames Emporium store. An advocate of Social Media, Morbidgames operates social networking profiles on many popular outlets including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut, Ning, Bebo, Hi5 and Friendster.

To find out more about Morbidgames Publishing, their writers, artists and affiliates, visit their website at

Michael G. Hurston