Patientfyi Introduces "eMATCH" Service to Quickly Connect Patients & Dentists

Innovative Matching Service Empowers Patients to Select the Services & Strengths They Want and be Matched with the Local Dentist That Offer Them.

Irvine, CA, July 30, 2009 --( PatientFYI (, the innovative new patient referral search engine accessed on WebMD and other major sources of online healthcare information, today announced creation of its patient-dentist "eMatch" Service which will enable dentists that offer specific Services & Strengths to be found by patients that are looking for a new dentist that offers them.

"Our goal is to quickly connect informed-patients with the best dentists that offer the specific services & strengths they want", said Jason Szczuka, President of PatientFYI. "With PatientFYI’s innovative "eMatch" Service, in less than 10 seconds, a patient can know that they have selected the right local dentist for their specific needs", said Szczuka.

This revolutionary tool will help meet the demands of the 91% of today’s patients, according to a recent Opinion Research Corporation survey, that want to utilize a single online resource to quickly learn about the services and strengths that are available for their particular needs and which local dentists offer them.

PatientFYI’s eMatch Service enables a patient to easily identify any combination of over 65 services and strengths, from advanced technologies used in the office to Practice Promotions a dentist may be offering, and quickly have their Search Results be narrowed down to only those dentists that offer that combination of services and strengths.

"This is a powerful decision-making tool that empowers a patient to learn in 2-minutes what would until now have taken 2-weeks", said Szczuka. "Not only does a patient no longer need to hop from dentist-website to dentist-website to learn about what they offer, but the dentists that already offer their patients comprehensive services and strengths will standout to new patients accordingly."

Beginning this July, PatientFYI’s "eMatch" Service launched with over 65 individual services and strengths that a dentist can offer their patients, and more are being added each month.

"When an informed patient finds a great new dentist through this innovative service - everyone wins," said Szczuka. There are many services and strengths that a dentist can choose to offer their patients and they should be recognized for doing so.

About PatientFYI
PatientFYI leverages the power of the Internet to advance the way people select the best healthcare provider to serve their needs, and provides a new way for providers to highlight their practice capabilities to potential patients. Through its comprehensive offerings, PatientFYI transforms how patients find healthcare professionals and doctors & patients build enduring relationships. By providing unprecedented information on healthcare providers’ practice capabilities, service pricing and patient satisfaction, while fostering dialogue that strengthens the patient-professional bond, this uniquely deep resource empowers consumers to make more-informed decisions regarding healthcare providers. PatientFYI also gives healthcare professionals a cost-effective way to dramatically increase patient referrals and disseminate key information about their practice – specialty areas, technology, prices and more – while enhancing patient care through improved communication.

Jason Szczuka