Empire Medical Training New Weight Loss Concept for Physicians – Incorporate hCG Into Weight Management Treatments

Empire Medical Training has updated courses in physician prescribed weight loss programs to customize the needs of patients and create additional revenue into the center of an existing practice.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, July 30, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Empire Medical Training Physician Prescribed Weight Loss Courses

Weight Loss Therapies – Aesthetic Procedures – Physician Prescribed Treatment

Weight Management and Medical Fitness
Upcoming Course Dates & Locations:
August 29 Miami, FL
September 20 Dallas, TX
October 11 New York, NY
October 25 Los Angeles, CA
December 05 San Diego, CA
January 24 Orlando, FL
March 07 Las Vegas, NV
March 21 New York, NY
April 25 Los Angeles, CA
May 23 Dallas, TX
Future dates, locations, & catalogs also available

Empire Medical Training has updated its Weight Management and Medical Fitness program to include the latest treatments available to physicians with the safest and most reliable results. Many physicians advise patients about weight control regarding each individual lifestyle including exercise and eating habits. However, just consulting patients may not have the effect needed to better health issues caused by excessive weight such as diabetes, mental fatigue and back problems that are related to obesity and weight gain.

The hCG weight loss protocols and therapies are quickly becoming the new standard therapy in the weight loss battle that continues in each patients daily life. Empire is offering this new therapy to its present Physician Prescribed Weight Loss program and all protocols, contra-indications, and materials for “standard of care” which will be discussed and given at the course. The hCG weight loss protocols and therapies are proving to be both beneficial to patients as well as profitable to the physicians practice.

Patients have already begun to demand this new procedure even at costly prices at Weight Loss clinics around the country. With this treatment the quick and effective reduction in weight is relatively easy for the patient making this the most sought after treatment on the market. The physicians that incorporate this new program into present weight loss programs within a private practice will see the benefits financially along with the improvement in overweight patients. Learn what the benefits, protocols, indications for, and advantages of this new weight loss concept and see how easy it is to integrate this program into any existing practice.

The added benefits to physicians are that these procedures are paid for on a “cash basis”, and they do not require a large amount of training, and range in procedure cost of about $2,000.00 per treatment program implemented per patient. This procedure is safe and effective and allows the physician to offer additional treatment options for patients concerning weight management. Offer patients a higher standard of care with the ability to customize a healthy lifestyle.

With Empire Medical Training it is possible within a short amount of time to update the Weight Management programs in any practitioners’ office or medical facility. The newest weight loss methods include programs for pharmaceutical supplements in aid to dieting and the new hCG diet and medical protocols allow physicians to increase annual income per patient. Learn all of the various diet methods being used as well as receive complete protocols, patient education, meal planning, nutrition, and how to create an office staff environment dedicated to a weight loss program integrated into any existing practice.

With Empire Medical Training learn how to process each patient by creating workups needed for various different patient types with suitable individual diet plans. Include the blood and hormonal pattern testing as indicated for the different types of patients within each practice. Initial consultation questionnaires along with forms and protocols that are digitally included as part of the course as well as a detailed outline of how to get started.

Weight management options are numerous and attendees will get an intimate understanding on how to combine them to maximize results and help patients lose weight, shape and tone their bodies with minimal exertion for an optimal clinical outcome. Many prior attending physicians have successfully created stand-alone weight loss centers outside of present practices and continue to enjoy the financial rewards of this growing market.

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Future dates, locations, & catalogs also available

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