Internet Entrepreneurs Find the Best Use for Wall Street Analytics – Fantasy Football

A group of Wall Street professionals decided to see what would happen if they applied modern portfolio theory and Wall Street statistical and technical analysis principles to fantasy football. The result, “intelligent” fantasy football drafting software that analyzes hundreds of risk adjusted variables to predict how a player will perform… telling the user who to draft and when to draft them.

Boca Raton, FL, July 30, 2009 --( Waiver Wire, LLC today announced the launch of its state-of-the-art fantasy football drafting software for the 2009 Fantasy Football Season at After two years in development (a collaborative effort including a team of Ivy League statisticians, experienced fantasy football players, Wall Street professionals and award-winning software developers) the new fantasy football draft tool is finally ready.

CEO, Chris Nalley can't wait for the season to start and believes Waiver Wire's fantasy football draft software will revolutionize the way fantasy league drafts are conducted. "We're all excited," Nalley said, "our intelligent draft tool really levels the playing field (no pun intended), giving the 'amateur' a tool to draft like a 'pro' and giving the 'pro' a distinct advantage over other so-called pros. You can start a mock draft right now to see for yourself."

After customizing for the user's fantasy league (scoring, players, teams, prize structure, etc.), the fantasy football drafting software automatically computes ranking, points and future performance results using up to the minute player and team data that has been filtered and analyzed to determine which variables are the most statistically significant. Combining proprietary artificial intelligence technology with extensive statistical modeling and the principles of modern portfolio theory, the fantasy football draft tool then incorporates the results of the opponents' picks and the user's present team, running thousands of scenarios to compute the best possible pick from the remaining pool of players in order to optimize the user's probability of winning. All of this in seconds, giving the user a distinct advantage at draft time. Because the system permits an unlimited number of mock drafts, it wouldn't be surprising if NFL teams or Vegas bookmakers wanted to see who Waiver Wire's draft tool would pick in different scenarios.

At $29.99 for the entire 2009 Football Season, Waiver Wire's drafting software offers a tremendous bang for your fantasy football dollar. "Given the tough economic times, we wanted to offer a superior product at a reasonable price," said the Company's president Steven zum Tobel. "While the draft tool is our flagship product, we have designed the site and offerings to be a one-stop-shop for information, analysis, interaction with other fantasy players and of course…fun!"

It looks like they score on all points. In addition to the intelligent fantasy football drafting software, the web site,, boasts a myriad of other tools, news, statistics, analysis, Vegas odds and spreads, games and forums. Members establish a profile and can share their thoughts (or jibes) with the community or post on their friends' walls. The Guru Challenge game allows members to answer a number of football related questions. The more questions you get right, the higher your "Guru Status" score which is displayed for all other Members to evaluate your football knowledge.

Need one more point to seal the deal and join today? "We're offering the draft tool on a risk free trial basis for members that sign up for our In-Season Pass," says Nalley. The In-Season pass is only $9.99 for the entire season and gets you access to Waiver Wire's player comparison software and real-time alerts via email and/or text (including injury alerts, player news and updates) along with analysis from expert fantasy football veterans. The alerts are filtered so the member only gets what they want.

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About Waiver Wire, LLC:
Waiver Wire LLC is based in Boca Raton, Florida and was formed to provide the best in fantasy sports entertainment. Its innovative offerings combine the latest and most comprehensive tools, news, statistics and analysis available. Waiver Wire LLC is a privately held company.

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