Pharmaco Group Will Begin to Produce Cardiovascular Medicaments

Pharmaco Group will begin produce medical products for the people, suffering of cardiovascular diseases.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, July 31, 2009 --( The management of domestic pharmaceutical plant has come to such decision, considering the fact of increase in number able-bodied Kyrgyz people, amenable to cardiovascular diseases. It is supposed that production of the plant Pharmaco Group will replenish with the drugs which have already proved the therapeutic efficiency in struggle against cardiac insufficiency and an arterial hypertension. It is Trandolapril, Fosinopril and analogues of Cardiomagnyl more known as combination of Acidum acetylsalicylicum and Magnesium Hydroxide and Thrombo АSS more known as Acidum acetylsalicylicum.

Alexander Karpov, the general manager of the plant "Pharmaco Group": "Cardiovascular diseases namely hypertension, cerebrovascular disease and a coronary heart trouble are in the lead in structure of disease of people all over the world. In Kyrgyzstan from 1991 to 2006 death rate has grown on 29 % because of cardiovascular systems disorder. Therefore we have decided to emphasise release of drugs for treatment of this group of diseases. Now Kyrgyz people can buy in drugstores drugs of a domestic production - Ednipril, Lisinopril and Farmadipinum. These drugs concern the most effective and are often applied in treatment of various kinds of a hypertension."

Olga Romanovich, the chief of marketing department of "Pharmaco Group": "New drugs Pharmaco Group plans to enter into the assortment till the end of current year. Within the limits of marketing strategy of the plant we plan to replace expensive import remedies existing in the market for production of the home producer. Thus, we will provide the maximum availability of drugs to patients. The mission of the company consists in doing all we can for restoration and health strengthening of people, improvements of quality of their life". As informs Ministry of Health KR, Kyrgyzstan takes the first place on a death rate in the Eurasian space. One of the most widespread diseases is hypertension (high pressure) from which suffer more than one million Kyrgyz people. Actually every fourth inhabitant has the high blood pressure. Annually, according to National statistical committee of the Kyrgyz Republic, 14-15 thousand persons die of cardiovascular diseases, and daily - from 36 to 40 heart cases. And together with annual growth of this indicator the age of patients became "younger". Diseases of cardiovascular system define the basic death rate of the population of Kyrgyzstan, and also are a reason for premature disability and physical inability of people, putting a notable economic damage to the country. Annual financial losses exceed 53 million soms.

Pharmaco Group is the pharmaceutical plant located in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. Its annual output equals 500 million pills, 100 million capsules and 12 million vials of antibiotic powders. These medications are used in gastroenterology, dermatology, gynecology, urology, rheumatology, cardiology and pediatrics. In production of Pharmaco Group enters medicine brands having own trading names.

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