Medicus Health Announces Their New Locking Respiratory Hygiene Station

Medicus Health Announces their new Locking Respiratory Hygiene Station for preparation and protection from the spread of the H1N Flu Virus with their affordable and innovative infection control solutions

Grand Rapids, MI, July 31, 2009 --( Medicus Health offers a new premium Locking Respiratory Hygiene Station with Kiosk Stand. Protect visitors and staff from the spread of the H1N Flu Virus with these affordable and innovative infection control solutions. This newest solution keeps respiratory hygiene products safe from pilferage with a locking respiratory supply station. The key locked dispenser top and key locked sanitizer compartment allows staff to lock up hand sanitizers, face masks and tissues so they're available for all visitors.

This Respiratory Hygiene Station provides the CDC recommended products to help visitors and staff comply with the "Cover your Cough" directive. Add the optional sign holder and the Cover your Cough sign as a visual reminder follow the guidelines. The sign holder can hold any 8-1/2 x 11 sign for customized messaging. Includes rubber feet for placing on counter tops and also has keyholes in the back so it's easy to mount to the wall and refill.

The Locking Respiratory Hygiene Station can also be mounted on top of the Kiosk Stand for placement in lobbies and other high traffic areas as a reminder for visitors to practice proper hand hygiene. Remember, preventing just one Hospital Acquired Infection more than pays for the unit. Medicus Health offers the widest selection of Respiratory Hygiene Stations just in time for cold and flu season. For more information please go to:

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