Ledoux and Company Reaffirm Utah Properties Have Potential Yet Undiscovered Large Deposits of Indicated Reserves of Gold, Silver and Rare Earth Minerals

Tahoe Gold Mining and Refining Company is very pleased with the assay results from Ledoux and Company of Teaneck, NJ that once more reaffirm properties have the potential of containing as yet undiscovered large deposits of economic commercial indicated reserves of valuable metals and rare earth minerals. The assay report is consistent and supportive of the Intertek, Inc and ALS Chemex assay conclusions which now gives way to implementing exploration on our properties.

Fillmore, UT, August 01, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Ledoux and Company assay results in part are as follows:

Gold 1.3 ppm, Silver 4.5 ppm, Aluminum 10.1%, Magnesium 5.16%, Titanium 2.43%, Iron 28.4%, Calcium 22.9%, Silicon, 26.0% as well as Phosphorus, Copper, Chromium, Antimony, Vanadium, Zinc.

The Millard County Utah properties contain 6 of 19 base and rare earth minerals the United States imports 100% and are totally dependent on an unbroken supply for defenses. All of these minerals are vital to industrial and military interests. To be more specific properties contain all of the 30 distinct base metals and Rare Earth minerals determined to be Strategic and Critical to the Defense of the United States in 2008 report to Congress by the National Materials Advisory Board. The Department of Defense, the OSD and NDS have confirmed these findings.

Rare earth element anomalies are also associated with gallium, zirconium, and yttrium.

The principal uses of rare earth elements are:
1) Petroleum fluid cracking catalysts
2) Metallurgical applications
3) Glass polishing compounds
4) Glass additives
5) Permanent magnets
6) Catalytic converter materials
7) Television, lighting, and X-ray intensifying phosphors
8) The diverse nuclear, metallurgical, chemical, catalytic, electrical, magnetic, and optical properties of the rare earth elements have led to an ever increasing variety of applications. These uses range from mundane (lighter flints, glass polishing) to high-tech (phosphors, lasers, magnets, batteries, magnetic refrigeration) to futuristic (high-temperature superconductivity, safe storage and transport of hydrogen for a post-hydrocarbon economy.)

Light rare earth elements are used in the energy and high technology industries as metal or oxide. Generally, assays for these elements average below 2%. Many of the samples taken from Tahoe's properties returned assays over 2%.

Heavy rare earth elements are used in high-technology and scientific research industries, as composite material. Generally, assays for these elements average below 0.02%. Half of the samples from Tahoe's properties returned assays above 0.02%.

The three preliminary assays from leading chemistry company and the mineralogical context suggest a favorable rare earth element discovery and indicate commercially economical reserves within the Tahoe complex.

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Tahoe Gold Mining and Refining Company is a natural resource company engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral properties. The Company's focus is on gold and rare earth minerals in the largely unexplored south central region Millard County Utah. Management currently regards Utah as one of the world's best gold and rare earth mineral exploration jurisdictions for geological, regulatory and environmental reasons.

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