Save Up to 90% on Your Current Mobile Phone Bills with Matrix’s V Phone Software

On the back of Woolworths entering the mobile phone business, Matrix Knowledge Management Pty Ltd has announced the launch of an exciting new application that lets mobile phone users tap into the financial savings and convenience of desktop programs like Skype, with options to choose from a range of providers.

Perth, Australia, August 12, 2009 --( VoIP software has brought inexpensive and sometimes even free long distance calling to computer users in recent years. This technology is beginning to grow into the mobile or cell phone network market, making it possible to use the power of the internet to cut down on calling costs.

This week, Australian firm Matrix Knowledge Management Pty Ltd announces the launch of its proprietary V Phone software, which has the potential to be a forerunner in the mobile VoIP arena with its unique approach to providers, resulting in savings of up to 90% on phone bills.

V Phone offers a key advantage that is sure to grab the attention of users of other mobile VoIP software. Rather than locking users into working with a single VoIP provider, V Phone lets users choose between unlimited providers of their choice for voice calling. V Phone nullifies the single provider protocol and lets users choose the most cost-effective provider for each task, a capability that is unique among such programs.

For SMS configuration, V Phone offers two standard VoIP provider networks, as well as an option for entering the user's own provider of choice. The program's calling and text messaging options are compatible with WiFi, allowing for convenient coverage without the need for a SIM card. Additionally, users can take advantage of V Phone in conjunction with 3G/GPRS networks for increased communications flexibility. With an intuitive, attractive graphical user interface and simple installation steps, V Phone makes it easy for anyone to save money and start getting more out of their mobile phones.

VoIP technology has brought savings of up to 90%, compared to typical rates found with major carriers around the world. Matrix is delivering a workable alternative with its V Phone software. As it enters the market this week, reception is expected to be very positive.

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