Introducing Be Nice Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix with DHA - All Natural and Doctor Approved

Created by a mom for other active and savvy moms, Be Nice is a new, delicious and nutritious drink mix specially formulated to meet the unique hydration needs of pregnant and nursing women.

Moorpark, CA, August 12, 2009 --( Fortified with folic acid, B-complex vitamins and minerals, Be Nice is the only all-natural prenatal drink mix formulated with life’sDHA™. While other products offer DHA that is derived through a chemical process from fish, the life’sDHA found in Be Nice prenatal drink mix is extracted directly from algae, making it a sustainable and vegetarian source of DHA.

Be Nice is also the first doctor approved prenatal drink mix. “When portioned throughout the day, the body is better able to retain and utilize nutrients,” said Dr. Peter Hung, integrative and holistic medicine physician and Mayo Medical School graduate, “which is why Be Nice drink packets are an excellent hydration choice for pregnant and nursing women.” Each packet of Be Nice provides 25% of the doctor-recommended supply of folic acid, vitamins, and minerals, along with DHA to support babies’ brain development. With its mix of all-natural vitamins and nutrients, Be Nice is a helpful alternative for pregnant women suffering from morning sickness who cannot keep down a prenatal pill. Moms-to-be can drink up to four packets of Be Nice a day.

Packaged in handy single-serving “pixie” packets, Be Nice is especially convenient for busy moms on the go who are looking for healthy hydration options. “Hydration is so important when you're pregnant or nursing, but there's so little to choose from, especially if you're avoiding things like caffeine, artificial sweeteners and preservatives,” said Be Nice President, creator and new mom Shawna Stevenson, “Be Nice takes all the worry out of making good hydration choices and makes it easy to stay hydrated throughout the day.” Just mix the contents of one Be Nice packet with water and blend, shake or stir for a nutritious, refreshing, all-natural drink.

Be Nice is also dedicated to promoting responsible and environmentally conscientious business practices. “We aren’t just business owners, we’re parents,” said Be Nice Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder John Hernandez, “so we’re always thinking about how the choices we make today will impact the world that our children will inherit tomorrow.” All Be Nice packaging is made from recycled paper and created at a factory that uses 100% sustainable wind energy.

Be Nice is currently available in two delicious flavors, Lemonade and Berrylicious. Both flavors may be purchased in a box of 10 packets (SRP: $12.99) or a case of 50 packets (SRP: $38.99). For more information on Be Nice prenatal vitamin drink with DHA, including where to purchase, visit

About life’sDHA:
life’sDHA is a sustainable and vegetarian source of DHA omega-3. Increased availability of DHA omega-3 during pregnancy and lactation supports the neurological, visual and nervous system development of babies and may play an important role in long-term infant heart health and maternal well-being. life’sDHA is produced by Martek Biosciences Corporation. For more information on life’sDHA and Martek Biosciences, visit

Be Nice Inc., headquartered in Moorpark, CA, is an all natural, specialty drink mix company dedicated to supporting the unique hydration needs of pregnant and nursing women. Its mission is to provide hydration support and build a welcoming and supportive community of moms and moms-to-be at its website, For more information on Be Nice, including where to purchase Be Nice prenatal vitamin drink mix with DHA, visit

Be Nice, Inc.
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