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POS Software Imonggo Allows Users to Make Money Through Groundbreaking Three-Tier Affiliate Program

Campbell, CA, August 12, 2009 --( Imonggo Inc., the award winning pos software company that offers the first free Web-based Point-Of-Sale solution for small retailers, is now offering another innovation in the POS industry. Imonggo's three-tier affiliate program invites users to earn extra money by referring new users to the retail solution.

Officially titled the Imonggo Partnership Program, the innovation aims to increase the number of premium Imonggo users by engaging its current customers to become volunteers in promoting the free Web-based POS.

Each time an Imonggo volunteer successfully refers a new premium user to Imonggo, he/she earns 10% of from the revenue of the account referred. The volunteer will also earn 10% of the commissions earned through the referrals of the accounts he/she referred, and another 10% for the subsequent indirect referrals.

There is virtually no limit to the proceeds that an Imonggo volunteer can receive, as long as there exists successful referrals made by his/her partners.

Fortunately, Imonggo is not very hard to promote--aside from winning the 2009 APEX award for best POS system, Imonggo is also the easiest and most accessible retail solution out there.

APEX, a Web site devoted to up-and-coming technology, said Imonggo won the award because of its innovative features.

"Imonggo has a minimalist user interface and has a very simple design, yet it does not skimp on the features. Imonggo pos system is a killer POS application with powerful features," APEX said.

One of the most notable features of Imonggo is its ease-of-use. Signing up and activating an Imonggo account is very easy. By accessing the site at, and clicking sign up, Imonggo is ready for use immediately. No software installation is required, so the prospective user saves time and money.

Imonggo can also be learnt in under three minutes because of its simplified features. Most of them, like extensive sales reports, discount modules and user management, are very simple and easy to understand. However, they remain powerful enough to run a business well.

Imonggo point of sale software is also very scalable. It has the ability to manage multiple (unlimited) users and can support as many branches as needed by the business. Each branch is inter-connected through the Internet, so transferring stocks and sales records are fast and error-free. Each user can also be assigned to access one or more branches.

The business data in Imonggo is also protected by powerful SSL encryption that encrypts all the data in a language that cannot be decoded by other computers. This ensures the data to be hack-proof. Imonggo also backs up all records using several servers spread across the continent so there is virtually no danger of them being lost.

About Imonggo Inc.

Imonggo Inc. is the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) company to offer free Web-based point of sale software to the global market. Imonggo Inc, is a private joint-venture company, with sales, marketing and support operation in the United States, and with research and development in the Philippines. Imonggo's data center is located in Missouri, USA, with backup in Dallas, Texas.

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