Imonggo Free POS Software Possible with Open Source Technology and Cloud Computing

The Imonggo team revealed today the technology behind the award-winning Imonggo POS software that has attracted thousands of small business retailers. Imonggo is the first software-as-service (SaaS) company to offer the global market a web-based point of sale software, which is easy to use,... - February 19, 2010

Imonggo POS Software Releases Powerful Inventory Management Feature for Small Business

Imonggo POS Software has now optimized its inventory management feature, allowing the POS to appeal to a broader range of retailers. Small retailers, in fact, are switching to Imonggo because of its advanced inventory management features not found in any competitor. According to the Imonggo team,... - January 28, 2010

Best POS Software Award Winner Imonggo Highly-Recommended by CNET Tech Reviews Site

Tech review site CNET highly recommends Imonggo, winner of the 2009 Best POS Software Award, according to a review it released last Oct. 5 which declares the retail solution as "impressive". Imonggo is a complete retail management solution that combines point of sale, inventory... - November 04, 2009

Open Source POS Software Imonggo Offers Branch Management and Fastest Branch Set-Up

The 2009 Best POS System Award Winner Imonggo (Open Source point of sale software) offers branch management and fastest branch set-up. - October 17, 2009

Best POS Software Award Winner Imonggo is Now an Certified Solution

The 2009 Best POS Software Award Winner , Imonggo Inc., has completed the certification process. Imonggo's integration with allows its customers to process credit cards payments from all major issuers including Master, Visa, American Express, Discovery, among... - September 17, 2009

Free Powerful Web-Based POS Software Imonggo Now Available for Linux Users

Free POS software Imonggo is now fully available for the Linux operating system, as announced today by Imonggo Inc., the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) company to offer a hosted free web-based Point-Of-Sale solution for small retailers. Traditionally, businessmen using technology to grow their... - August 29, 2009

POS Software Imonggo Allows Users to Make Money Through Groundbreaking Three-Tier Affiliate Program

Imonggo Inc., the award winning pos software company that offers the first free Web-based Point-Of-Sale solution for small retailers, is now offering another innovation in the POS industry. Imonggo's three-tier affiliate program invites users to earn extra money by referring new users to the retail... - August 12, 2009

POS Software for Mac is Now Free with Imonggo Point of Sale System

Mac users can now enjoy a first-rate point of sale system with Imonggo, the revolutionary and free web-based POS software. Mac users, traditionally, have a very limited choice with good quality POS software, since most of them require installation. A lot of popular POS software are only available... - July 31, 2009

Free POS System Imonggo Wins 2009 APEX Best Point of Sale Software Award

POS system Imonggo won the 2009 APEX Best Point of Sale software award last month. According to the review company, Imonggo trumps out other popular POS software for its scalability, ease of use and zero subscription cost. "Imonggo POS system has a minimalist user interface and has a very... - July 21, 2009

Retail POS Software Company Imonggo Committed to Integrate with

Retail POS software developer Imonggo Inc. will integrate its web-based Point of Sale software with the leading payment gateway in the world, The new feature, which will be utilized to process credit cards, is expected to be available soon. Imonggo's partnership with,... - July 11, 2009

POS Software Award Winner Imonggo Moved to Silicon Valley

After winning the 2009 APEX Best POS Software Award, up-and-coming start-up company Imonggo Inc. has moved its home base to Silicon Valley in California earlier this month to help its free point-of-sale system Imonggo gain a greater global perspective. - June 22, 2009

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