Earth Brooch Silver from Fluid Forms – Turn Landscapes with Your Computer Mouse Into Unique Silver Jewelry

On consumers create unique silver jewelry out of their favorite landscape. With just a few clicks Paradise Island or your hometown turns into a custom silver brooch.

Graz, Austria, August 14, 2009 --( The design studio Fluid Forms has developed an online platform which encourages consumers to fuse the essence of their personality into unique products and gifts. Besides tables, landscape bowls, pepper grinders and lampshades the Austrian company now offers jewelry you can design yourself. “Our customers choose a desired landscape on an interactive map. We then produce the unique silver brooch from the landscape-data. Within two weeks they hold their one-of-a-kind piece in their hands“, describes Hannes Walter, CEO, the simple yet ingenius principles of the Earth Brooch Silver.

The state-of-the-art platform is a perfect destination for gift-buyers. „Many of our customers are looking for an individual gift for weddings, birthdays or other important anniversaries. A present that reflects a very special place can hardly be more personal“, announces Stephen Williams, co-founder, excitedly.

Walter ensures that creating your own individual products hasn't ever been easier before: ”Our designer's software guides you through the whole process of creation and makes sure that the aesthetic essence of each customized piece of jewelry always remains in fact.”

Fluid Forms produces each unique piece with the latest digital production methods. “For the Earth Brooch Silver we use a combination of 3d printing and silver casting for high product quality and landscape detail“, describes Williams the high-tech production at Fluid Forms.

About Fluid FormsFounded in 2005, the design label Fluid Forms continues to revolutionize the global marketplace for customized and emotionally appealing products, connecting creative-minded consumers with professional designers. User-friendly software and the inimitable platform enable inspired individuals to integrate their personal touches into unique objects while product engineers ensure creativity coalesces with unparalleled performance.

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