New CallTower Commercial Real Estate Voice/Data Suite Gives Building Owners A Competitive Edge And A “Fourth Utility” for Today’s Business Tenants

CallTower’s New Commercial Real Estate Suite Provides “Plug-And-Play” Ease And Advanced IP Hosted Voice/Data For Tenants And Building Owners

San Francisco, CA, May 24, 2006 --( CallTower, Inc., the leading provider of Always-On, hosted communications and collaboration solutions for businesses, today introduced the new CallTower Commercial Real Estate Suite™, the industry’s first and only complete, hosted suite of voice and data services and applications that is exclusively delivered to commercial real estate buildings.

The new CallTower Commercial Real Estate Suite allows building owners to provide office space that is pre-wired with advanced voice/data services and solutions, and as a result, create a differentiated building that delivers advanced business communications with minimal investment, resulting in increased revenue and demand for occupancy. Advanced, hosted voice/data services that are integrated into a building deliver the additional “utility” that will lead to greater tenant occupancy, retention and real estate value.

CallTower’s Commercial Real Estate Suite is part of the company’s complete, secure, voice and data suite and is delivered with CallTower’s hosted services, resulting in seamlessly-integrated inbound/outbound voice, with collaboration, productivity, and Internet applications.

The Need for Differentiation and Increased Occupancy by Building Owners

In today’s competitive economy, multi-tenant commercial property owners/managers are finding that they can more easily attract and hold business tenants when buildings provide “Plug and Play” space, including all utilities. Also, telecommunications and messaging costs-per-employee are rising at businesses. Most companies are experiencing challenges in how they efficiently manage the growing IT infrastructure demands of email, voicemail, fax and other customer support services, as well as the capital expense to deliver these new technology solutions.

The CallTower Commercial Real Estate Suite of telephony and data applications, and services, eliminates a business’ communications worries and helps make them more productive. At the same time, CallTower allows building owners/managers to offer fully-integrated, plug-and-play voice and data services and features in their leasing business.

“With CallTower’s Commercial Real Estate Suite, building owners and property managers can be more competitive and offer space that includes advanced voice and data services – without the normal 30-60-day waiting period. New tenants can move in with the assurance that they will have immediate, Always-On, Fortune-100 class voice and data capabilities,” said Mark Harris, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CallTower. “CallTower is committed to developing secure, Always-On applications that improve the productivity of knowledge workers. With CallTower, commercial real estate owners and property managers can help businesses eliminate their capital expense for telephony and data, add collaboration and communication applications, and immediately deploy and benefit from all the features and functionality. Businesses no longer have to buy a PBX – they can get better service, features and functionality, by selecting CallTower’s hosted PBX, included in the CallTower Commercial Real Estate Suite.”

One-Wire Ease and Flexibility for Commercial Property Owners/Managers

The CallTower Commercial Real Estate Suite of voice/data services is built into a building infrastructure, and provides one-wire delivery of all voice/data applications and services to tenants. The services are delivered via a single coax wire to each user, so building owners do not have to have multiple cables or service providers laying cable in their buildings for separate telephone and data services.

“Where there is inefficiency, there is opportunity. And nothing has been harder for our tenants than finding and contracting with Internet service providers for bandwidth. Tenants don't really care about the intricacies of technology, just as they don't care about how electricity is supplied from a single grid. They just want it to work,” said Matt Spathas, CEO of Sentre, a leading Real Estate development company that manages, leases, and/or owns assets in excess of $500 million in acquired and developed projects (about 3.5 million square feet). “CallTower provides an advanced communication and collaboration suite of hosted services and applications that allow us to differentiate our various properties, and provide capabilities to business tenants that create the business environment of the future.”

“CallTower’s services help us deliver new business processes transformation to tenants and at the same time, increase our positive growth. Just months after installing the CallTower system in one of our properties, we realized that CallTower produced a positive change in the way we do business. Prospective tenants see the value and benefit that an advanced, plug-and-play voice and data solution can have on their immediate productivity and ultimately, on their long-term ability to be more competitive, productive and profitable,” Spathas added.

The new CallTower Commercial Real Estate Suite includes: Internet, telephony, voice, email and fax messaging, calling plans, network administration, single-wire connectivity, call center functions, Microsoft Exchange integration, presence management, disaster-proof access to all data and voicemail, and 24/7 customer support. These new services provide building owners/commercial property managers with:

Flexibility -- Buildings can be pre-wired and tenant businesses can move in and become productive more quickly with Global 100-class communications reliability and service. 

Increased Revenue – Hosted voice and data allows owners to differentiate their properties, retain tenants who have high IT volume, and sign new tenants who want immediate, full communications services. 

Efficiency and Productivity – Business tenants significantly improve productivity, sales competitiveness and customer satisfaction through the use of advanced feature sets, which also provide single-vendor simplification, reduced closet, riser and building space and access demands, and reduced capital expense 

Disaster Recovery in Voice & Data -- Until now, secure, Always-On voice/data with backup infrastructure and disaster recovery is included in the CallTower outsourced voice/data suite 

Strategic Competitive Advantage – Hosted voice and data transforms a building’s communications utility into a strategic tool that gives owners/managers a competitive advantage.
Pricing and Availability

The new CallTower Commercial Real Estate Suite is available now. Building owners and property managers who purchase CallTower’s secure, hosted, communications and collaborations solutions can be up and running in just 45 days.

About CallTower, Inc.
CallTower, Inc. is the leading provider of hosted enterprise-class communications and collaboration applications and services for growing businesses nationwide. CallTower’s solutions enable companies to conduct process transformation and to leverage their voice and data communications into a strategic competitive advantage in today’s market.

CallTower’s secure, Always-On voice and data services provide growing companies with enterprise-class reliability, a single point of support, productivity-enhancing features, a comprehensive scalable suite of vertical market applications, and 24/7 service for a fixed monthly fee. 

By using CallTower’s solutions, growing businesses – companies with multiple offices and from 20-10,000 users – can now receive the same class of communications reliability and service traditionally reserved for Global 100 corporations.

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