Efforts to Strengthen Military and Homeland Security have Resulted in a Growing Demand for Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Search and Rescue, and Combat Technology

HomelandDefenseStocks.com – As the Anniversary of 9/11 Approaches Spade Defense Audio Update Looks at Government Spending and the Vital Role of Defense and Security Technology.

Pt. Roberts, WA, September 08, 2006 --(PR.com)-- HomelandDefenseStocks.com (HDS), a global investor and industry news portal for the homeland defense and security sector, presents the Spade Defense Index Online Audio Update. With attention for the next several weeks on the 5th anniversary of 9/11 and Congress likely focusing on defense-related issues prior to adjourning for the fall, we turn to Scott Sacknoff, manager of the SPADE® Defense Index (AMEX: DXS), to get his insight on these issues.

This update report reviews the focus by the U.S. government on two main areas within homeland security – weapons that cause widespread disaster and those of a more local nature. Scott Sacknoff explains, “Much of the resources allocated by the U.S. government have been spent to prevent weapons of mass destruction, which is why so much attention has been focused on port security and border security. The second area is identifying acts employing explosives and attacks of a more local level. These can usually only be stopped via intelligence and surveillance efforts as the recent success by United Kingdom authorities shows. “

Mr. Sacknoff acknowledges that while some success has been achieved through efforts from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), there is still significant work to be done. “New technology, intelligence gathering and interpretation, and profiling are the keys to success,” states Sacknoff.

Efforts to strengthen our military have resulted in a growing demand for innovative technology in areas such as surveillance, reconnaissance, search and rescue, as well as combat. As Mr. Sacknoff describes, “There are considerable resources going into areas such as body armor, armor plating for more durable ground equipment, electronic and physical countermeasures, and equipment that enable soldiers to share information to improve field operations and reduce friendly fire. There is also an increase in funding for remote systems such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones that enable the military to perform surveillance and engage the enemy at a distance, land robotic and unmanned ground and sea vehicles with surveillance and search and rescue capabilities, and electronics that more accurately hit their target to reduce damage to nearby systems and reduce civilian casualties.”

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