Acrylic Case for iPod Nano from Inspiretech

Inspiretech has just announced the release of their new Acrylic cases for the iPod Nano.

Walnut, CA, August 20, 2009 --( The Inspiretech Acrylic case for the iPod Nano is a departure from the colorful and opaque cases they have come to be known for. The Acrylic case is almost crystalline in nature and gives the iPod Nano a sleek and protected look. Made from high quality materials, the Acrylic case prevents against scratches and dents to keep the iPod Nano looking new.

Reviews have generally been very favorable of the new case and many critics have cited it for being a refreshing new look for the company's products. Check below for some more specific features of the device.


- Protects Player from scratches and other major damages.
- Slide and snap design for easy attachment
- 1 year manufacture warranty.

- High-end Hardening plastic material for a guaranteed long lifespan.
- 99% Transparent casing.
- Large port insertions access.
- Compatible exclusively with iPod Nano 4th Generation.

Check out for more details about the Acrylic iPod Nano case.

Derek Yang
(626) 688-1769