NBC’S TechNow Features NanoTech Pinball Machine

New NanoTech MultiPin reviewed by NBC’s technology show

San Jose, CA, August 20, 2009 --(PR.com)-- NanoTech Entertainment (OTCBB: NTEK) is pleased to announce that NBC’s TechNOW TV show has recently reviewed NanoTech Entertainment’s new state of the art MultiPin™ product with stellar commentary. “Gaming genius David Foley's newest company, NanoTech Entertainment, makes a virtual pinball table. Yes, the ball is really video, but you stop noticing after just a few minutes. It's fabulous.” noted on the show’s website located at www.technowtv.com.

With traditional Pinball manufacturers disappearing, NanoTech Entertainment is on track to becoming the premier provider of pinball for the 21st century. Host Scott Budman noted in his introduction that “Video Games come and go, but Pinball never goes out of style.”

Host Scott McGrew said “This may be a video simulation, but it’s an incredibly accurate simulation; from the bumps and tilts, to the clack of the solenoids.” He went on to state “The MultiPin pinball simulator is one of those examples of how a good designer incorporates all of your senses. It looks good, but the sound, the thunks, and the clicks, and the bells, and the feel: bump the table ever so slightly to get the ball to go down the right chute. Those feelings are so convincing the visuals get better as a result.”

MultiPin is a new 3D digital pinball game that comes with 17 built-in, exciting tables, and is expandable supporting hundreds of player selectable tables on a single machine. The system provides players with fully licensed, unique original table designs from award winning designers as well as recreations of classic tables from legendary pinball companies such as Gottlieb.

MultiPin is a fully digital pinball system that eliminates the need for expensive routine service normally associated with mechanical pinball machines. The system can be upgraded by purchasing add-on table packs which continually increase the number of high quality games to the machine’s library. Players can connect the MultiPin machine to an internet connection to access the NanoNET™ Online Network, download the latest upgrades and compare high scores with other MultiPin machines from around the world. These features make MultiPin ideal for both coin-op location operators and home players.

The article also highlighted NanoTech’s consumer pinball controller, the Pinball Wizard™. A copy of the segment can be found on the TechNOW TV website, as well as on the popular video sharing site YouTube™.

About NanoTech Entertainment
NanoTech Entertainment is a technology company that has a unique business model operating as a global virtual manufacturer. NanoTech develops its technology and games, and then licenses them to third parties for manufacturing and distribution in order to keep its overhead extremely low and operations efficient in the new global manufacturing economy. With an ever-expanding lineup of technology and products, NanoTech is redefining the role of developers and manufacturers in the global gaming market. NanoTech Entertainment is traded on the OTCBB under the NTEK symbol. More information about NanoTech Entertainment and its products can be found on the web at www.nanotechent.com.

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