Recycled Plastic Cards Options Expanding Within Australia Market

The range of recycled plastic cards have been expanding within the Australia market in recent years and these are just one of the environmentally-friendly plastic cards being offered by Melbourne-based Custom Plastic Cards, alongside biodegradable corn cards and teslin plastic cards.

Herne Hill, Victoria, Australia, August 22, 2009 --( As today’s consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, this has resulted in an increasing demand for the printing of plastic cards for a wide range of solutions, including ID cards, custom membership cards and access swipe cards. This is particularly true for companies looking for a high volume plastic card production, as the green approach that demands plastic cards made from renewable resources and recycled material is environmentally responsible and also reflects well on their business.

Custom Plastic Cards have been providing customers with recycled plastic cards for over a year. Whereas the traditional material for printing plastic cards has been the use of petroleum based PVC cards, the recycled cards are produced from recycled PVC which reduces the amount of plastic that is disposed and produced.

Other types of environmental plastic cards being offered by the company are corn or PLA (poly lactic acid) cards. These are extracted from corn and are an excellent alternative for environmentally conscious organisations and individuals. Aside from the renewable nature of corn, the corn cards require far less energy in production and produce less green house gas than the common petroleum based alternative of PVC.

Corn cards are also a biodegrable plastic card and produce no toxins when destroyed during incineration, which makes the ground and atmospheric based environmental advantages of corn cards are significant. The durability and life span of the corn cards is very similar to PVC plastic cards.

In addition to these, teslin plastic cards are a non-petroleum based synthetic paper product. No harmful toxins are produced during the production of teslin cards, unlike their petroleum-based counterparts, and some additional environmental features include non-toxicity, no ozone depleting constituents and no cellulose-based material (which means no forest harvesting).

Custom Plastic Cards are now meeting the growing needs to the environmentally conscious business market in Australia and with this range of recycled plastic cards and biodegradable plastic cards, which satisfies eco-friendly consumers and businesses everywhere.

About Custom Plastic Cards:
Custom Plastic Cards is a leading environmental plastic cards manufacturer in Australia. The company has been established for almost 10 years and is focused on designing and producing high quality environmentally friendly plastic cards.

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