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Fremont, CA, September 09, 2006 --( On Sept. 8, 2006, FP has published several new enhancements to make it easier for business customers to buy and license their purchases.

These new features are licensing types for:

"Royalty-Free, Small Business Extension,
"Rights-Managed, Editorial" (print media use)
"Rights-Managed, Editorial" (digital and video media)

Their current types of Licenses are as follows:
"Royalty-Free Image License" refers to reproduction of the Image for personal or non-commercial use after a licensee pays a one-time fee. The licensee does not have to pay a royalty to the license holder on a use-by-use basis.
"Royalty Free, Editorial Image" refers to newsworthy, personal and educational publications, digital and video work products, etc. that do not generate income or are not used to promote the generation of income.
"RM-'Non-Commercial Use'" refers to any use that does not generate income or is not used to promote the generation of income.
"RM-Commercial Publications Use" refers to any publications that promotes or sells a product, service, company, idea, etc.
"RM-Commercial Goods" use refers to any use of Images in a commercial products promotion.

FeaturePics RM and royalty-free images are available for licensing as single images or collections of images. These enhancements will allow businesses to quickly purchase images to display on T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, and other media, as well as to be able to include the images in articles, publications, and videos. It also allows for the use of images in the non-commercial arena. All license types are clearly defined, along with some examples, and the restrictions for each type of use. The License types are easy to select, and easy to implement. The calculation of fees is associated with each method, just "click and calculate".

FeaturePics is a site for buying and selling Stock Photography, and giving recognition to the excellent group of FeaturePics Photographers. It is simplicity itself for Purchasers of Stock to use our System. The digital image marketplace grows each day. Their Artists are offering their stock photo collections with significant discounts. More than 1000 Images are available for free download under Open Image Suite User License.

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