Rhythm of Life, Ancient and Abstract

Melbourne, Australia, September 09, 2006 --(PR.com)-- The Northcote 2006 High Vibes Festival gets an artistic lift with an exhibition exploring the rhythms of life in nude paintings, mythical artworks and high relief abstracts.

Jennie Rosenbaum, Melinda McCarthy and Frank Duyker will be exhibiting together to create a powerful and emotional exhibition at the Vanguard Gallery in Northcote. As well as the official opening on the 20th of September, there will be an evening of music and drinks with the artists during the festival with a free live acoustic guitar/vocal performance by Jimmy Clinkerfield in the gallery. The High Vibes music festival has “rapidly expanded reflecting the changes taking place in the Northcote area as it becomes one of inner Melbourne's most innovative and exciting music, arts and entertainment precincts”. The works in this exhibition will range from Melinda’s highly spiritual and mythical works, Jennie’s powerful figurative pieces and Frank’s abstract textural pieces with strong sculptural elements, creating a cohesive and striking exhibition.

Rhythm of Life, Ancient and Abstract will run from the 19th of September to the 7th of October with opening celebrations on the 20th between 6 and 8pm at Vanguard Gallery, 234 High St Northcote. The High Vibes Festival is on the 24th of September.

Following a car accident in 2004, Jennie has found solace and a new life in painting and drawing. While her disability could have been a disaster, Jennie has turned her life around to focus on art and forging a new career for herself. The body has become her focus as she explores the beauty of the nude body, focusing on themes like sensuality, expression and strength.

“I feel a deep connection to the body, it’s beauty and fragility” she says, “I like to highlight the beauty and sensuality around us, in all women.” For Jennie, the key to a good painting is empathy. “I like to generate an emotional response from my viewers. I count a piece as successful if I can make a viewer empathize with the subject in the painting, or feel a connection through their own subconscious.”

Frank Duyker started carving small pieces of Oregon in his suburban backyard in his early teens. Since then his interest in sculpture, particularly in wood, has never waned. After training as an electronic engineer and years later as an industrial designer, he continued carving. In the 1980s he formally studied furniture carving which greatly improved his skill in shaping wood. In the early 1990s he used laser-cutting techniques to produce innovative sculptures and since then he has increasing used mixed media and colour in his work. In 2002-3 he worked as artist Chris Bell’s technical designer to construct the huge, hi-tech “Sun Drawing” sculpture, which is permanently installed at Federation Square.

Recently, Frank has taken up painting and also experiments with low relief mixed media pieces made from carved painted wood, adorned with found objects, particularly recycled computer hardware.

Melinda’s main inspiration comes from the stories of the ancient world. As a visual artist, she uses her painting not only to explore various mythology and legends, but also to try and understand the cultures from which they came. In Melinda’s most recent show (Régölés) she focused on Hungarian Folklore and traditions (which is part of her background).

“The response from this show was inspiring as I found people wanting to share their own stories with me. Either finding connections with the hungarian myths or simply wanting me to know about their own culture’s folklore.” And so the artwork for this show continues on this theme but also branches into exploring some of the wonderful stories others have shared with Melinda.

Vanguard Gallery
234 High St, Northcote, 3071

Jennie Rosenbaum
0425 733 229
Vanguard Gallery 234 High St Northcote, Victoria, Australia