iDTRONIC Presents Two New EVO Desktop Reader Models for 125kHz & 13,56MHz RFID Systems

Ludwigshafen, Germany, August 27, 2009 --( iDTRONIC, a leading supplier of RFID Hardware products, today introduced two new RFID Desktop Readers LF & HF from its EVO series for multi-tag transponder reading & writing.

Both models of the new Desktop Reader/Writer combine unique design with high functionality.

The LF version of the modern EVO Desktop Reader supports all EM 4102, 4105, 4550, NXP Hitag 1/2/S FDXB transponders. The HF model of the Desktop Reader is able to read and write all ISO14443 & ISO15693 transponders including the Mifare family & NXP I-code. The USB 2.0 Interface guarantees a fast and reliable data transfer rate.

The well-designed EVO desktop Reader allows an easy integration into most common RFID applications. A multi-Color LED allows intuitive interaction of the Application with the reader/writer.

iDTRONIC’s USB Desktop Reader EVO is a full Read / Write device which comes with a complete SDK and MS Windows based application SW. The Software Development Kit (SDK) contains easy-to-implement High-Level-Interfaces and Windows DLLs which permits fast and reliable Integration in Third-Party Systems.

The reader/writer is well-suited for classic Desktop applications like reading and writing Cards and Transponders. It can be easily integrated with POS devices, but also can be used for ticketing, payroll systems, time attendance and access control systems.

About iDTRONIC Electronic Identification
iDTRONIC GmbH is a leading supplier for professional RFID Readers and RFID Tags / Transponders. iDTRONIC products are available for the passive RFID standards LF 125kHz, HF 13,56MHz and UHF 860–960MHz as well as an active system working on 2,45GHz frequency.

The range of professional RFID Readers include the industrial RFID Readers of the "Bluebox" series, RFID solutions for Mobile Terminals, RFID OEM Readers / Antennas and attractive RFID USB Readers.

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