Payroll 4 Families Helps Parents Claiming Carer Entitlements

Sydney, Australia, September 02, 2009 --( Sydney nanny agency’s Andrea McNulty, from “Heaven Sent 4 U,” says one of the most confusing issues around employing nannies is whether or not families are entitled to any child care benefit for registered care, and whether those benefits are means tested.

“We have enquiries from parents on a weekly basis about the types of claims that can be made, and whether families are entitled to claim,” said Mrs McNulty. “Because it is so confusing, many families do not bother.”

“In these volatile economic times, many families are forced to have both parents working. Nannies can be an expensive necessity for hardworking parents, yet often we hear the complaint from our clients that payroll compliance and government benefit issues are just too time-consuming and confusing to work through.”

In response to this, the first Australian online payroll service for nannies and domestic staff, has recently launched its ‘Nanny Kit’, including a simple check list and access to the right forms.

$1500 per annum

According to Bondi resident, nanny and Director of the service, Lara Slattery, almost all families using registered care services are entitled to claim up to $1,500 per annum. “It is not means tested, so almost all families can claim the “Child Care Benefit for registered care” rebate from the Family Assistance Office,” she says.

“Many families are entitled to claim up to $30.10c per child per week. Averaged over a year, this amounts to $1,565 – an amount that can make a significant contribution towards school books, uniforms or other school expenses,” said Ms Slattery.

‘’ offers a simple solution to help sort through the maze of entitlements, benefits and payroll issues. “Payroll4families provides a system that calculates pay, tax, super and holiday pay on a weekly basis in around a quarter of the time than if they did it themselves and at significantly less cost than if they asked their accountant to do it,” she said.

The speed and simplicity of the service means that it cuts the time required to do payroll calculations from around half an hour each week to around five to ten minutes. Costs are reduced to $50 for registration (and the “Nanny Toolkit”) and $22.50 per pay run. The system then automatically generates a payslip for emailing or printing.

“Our service is yet another example of how new products are helping families reduce overheads by doing it online themselves.”

Ms Slattery has received strong interest and support from working families and nanny agencies since the launch of the service in August. “While of course it is early days, we are already receiving strong levels of enquiry about the service. Anything that reduces the burden on working parents is always well received!” she said.


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