Greater Opportunities and Resource Made for DJ's Through the Newly Formed International Disc Jockey Trade Association

Now barely a year later, with more than 1,000 official members and 40,000 affiliated DJs across the globe, the word is getting out about its amazing benefits

Lawrenceville, GA, September 02, 2009 --( When Queens New York native Edwin Myles founded The International Disc Jockey Trade Association in June 2008 his focus was on unifying DJs worldwide and providing them with opportunity and resources. Now barely a year later, with more than 1,000 official members and 40,000 affiliated DJs across the globe, the word is getting out about its amazing benefits.

“IDJ Trade Association is not a record pool or a DJ coalition it’s an association that will fight for DJs rights and is committed to helping DJs to improve their situations,” said Myles. “I’m providing a needed resource for the DJs of today and assisting them with preparing for the future of their profession.”

As a life-long member of the Zulu Nation, one-time right-hand-man to Hip-Hop legend Afrikaa Bambaadaa and elder of the early days of the hip-hop movement, Myles has witnessed the evolution of Hip-Hop’s now global popularity and the DJs role in it. Through his experience he has established three goals that encompass the IDJ Trade Association philosophy and address the needs of today’s DJ:

Unification – by unifying DJs from all genres for the mutual advancement of the Disc Jockey profession through networking and collaboration among members

Advocacy – by advocating and promoting the rights of DJs through an experienced IDJ Trade Association Executive Board of Directors to address member issues related to Disc Jockeys

DJ Assistance – by assisting DJs with discounted products and rates on marketing, branding and financial planning to promote successful entrepreneurship

Unlike most record pools and DJ coalitions that exist today, the International DJ Trade Association provides real benefits to its members that translate into more money and a stronger presence in the industry for its members. In addition, the IDJ Trade Association has a board of directors experienced in the entertainment industry that oversees decisions and guidelines to ensure that DJs get the best they deserve.

In the early seasons of hip-hop, the DJs role was just to rock the parties and play the music whereas today, DJ is the artist, the brand, the show and selling as many CDs as the artists in many cases added Myles.

For a limited time, Membership Is Free and DJs can take advantage of some amazing benefits such as legal services, Free tax preparation, contract negotiations, broker prices on print and CD duplication, rental cars, flights, hotels, restaurants, Free consulting and financial planning. Members will also enjoy discounted rates on rental cars, web hosting, your favorite restaurants, public relations services, legal services, even DJ equipment, and much, much more.

“DJs need the advantage that the IDJ Trade Association provides,” added Myles. “We build business, community and industry partnerships that will give our members what the need to succeed in this ever-changing and highly competitive industry.”

The IDJ Trade Association currently has positions open for Board Members from all areas of business and entertainment. For information about becoming an official IDJ Trade Association Board Member please call 678-691-7680. For information about Edwin Myles visit and for more information about the International Disk Jockey Association visit

The International Disc Jockey Trade Association (IDJTA)
Edwin Myles