Video Game Music Community Announces Final Release of Collaboration Tools Website

The remixSite Group announces that its premiere offering, the remixSite video game music website, has been declared stable, non-beta software. The site is open for immediate registration. remixSite provides a collaboration platform for independent video game composers and artists through which they can promote their work and receive feedback on their music.

State College, PA, September 02, 2009 --( Today, the remixSite Group announced that its premiere offering, the remixSite video game music website, has been declared stable, non-beta software. The site is open for immediate registration by artists.

"remixSite brings the video game remix community an exceptional offering for distributing, collaborating upon, and listening to music," said managing editor Stephen Sokolowski. "The community has strived for years to create a place that is open to every game music composer, and we believe we have finally accomplished that goal."

The video game remix community, which had its roots in the late 1990s, is a group of musicians and video gamers who dedicate themselves to reinterpreting both classic and modern video game music. The community's methods for reinterpreting, or "remixing," these songs, have evolved from simple MIDI copies to compositions played by a live orchestra and produced in professional editing software such as Fruityloops and Reason.

remixSite, however, expands upon previous offerings by the community by allowing contributors to submit original game music as well as remixes of existing music. Composers may share songs in a number of lossy and lossless file formats, and version control allows contributors to revise songs and to continue to improve them as listeners critique their arrangements and production.

Rather than being prescreened by a panel of judges before the songs are made available, works submitted to remixSite are available immediately upon submission and are rated by the community. "We believe that the game music community should be the final judge of what types of songs are featured on remixSite," remixSite artist Craig Jakubowski of Baltimore, MD, said. "Music is meant to be freely available, and the community has always been about sharing what we find inspiring with as many people as possible."

remixSite is integrated with the Video Game Music Database (VGMdb). VGMdb, hosted at, is a comprehensive listing of professional and amateur game music albums submitted through a wiki-type format. Users of remixSite select influences for their songs from VGMdb, and information on the selected albums is displayed so that listeners can easily identify a remix's roots. "We're excited to have remixSite leverage our data," Video Game Music Database administrator Chris Heng said. "As a sophisticated platform built upon user sharing and collaboration, we hope remixSite will continue to grow and become a great resource for the videogame music fan community."

The newest version of the site features resolutions to many outstanding bugs, as well as significant performance and graphical enhancements. Features planned for future versions of remixSite include the ability to easily host "compos," or competitions between artists to create the best interpretation of of a given or games.

Listening, downloading, and posting songs is free of charge at

About remixSite:

remixSite is a community dedicated to the appreciation and interpretation of video game music. Its artists, which originate from a variety of musical backgrounds, have contributed songs from all genres, and composers may submit works free of charge. The site's collection, which is free to download, has been viewed and downloaded thousands of times by amateur and professional music lovers alike.

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