AnB Stationery Forms Alliance with Independent Dealers of Office Supplies

AnB Stationery has formed an alliance with similarly situated independent dealers to compete directly with big box corporate chains.

Studio City, CA, September 02, 2009 --( As a small, independent office supply company that has been in the business for over 35 years, AnB Stationery has experienced the evolution of the industry firsthand. Over the years, the office supplies dealer managed numerous national economic crises as well as the rise in popularity of the big-box office supply corporation. Now, AnB Stationery has formed an alliance with similarly situated independent dealers to compete directly with big box corporate chains.

To that end, AnB Stationery is a member of a buying group of over 550 small, medium, and large office supply dealers nationwide. Together, the group is capable of negotiating prices with many vendors and manufacturers, to bring the end user very competitive and attractive prices across the board. However, AnB Stationery is not disregarding the cornerstone of their business. They remain dedicated to the values of the “Mom & Pop” business: experience, knowledge, customer service and, of course, excellent prices.

“Do we have the best prices on every item, every day of the week? Of course not, and we would never claim that we do. But our overall value proposition is extremely attractive, especially if you are a small to medium sized operation (between 10 and 500 employees),” says a spokesperson at AnB Stationery.

AnB Stationery grants clients the special attention it needs and goes out of the way to serve them better. The office supplier finds products clients need and cannot find with their current suppliers. AnB Stationery goes as far as informing clients of any shortages, out-of-stock, or discontinued products; and always stays in touch with them to make sure that all of their office supplies needs are met. Being a small business themselves, AnB Stationery completely understands their clients’ needs, aches and pains.

An executive at AnB Stationery said, “I believe it is extremely important for all of us- small and medium sized businesses alike- to pull together in mutual support of one another. In this volatile and turbulent market, it once again is up to us to pull this economy up by the boot straps.”

A spokesperson continued, “At AnB Stationery, we have not taken the worth of water for granted. We know that the heart of this country rests in its small-businesses which have always reflected the ‘American Dream.’ Now more than ever, small business well is running low and dry. It is up to all of us to keep it running, running high.”

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