Avoid Becoming a Victim of Economic Natural Selection, Hipage Extols IES Technology and Gives Advice to the Industry

Freight forwarder and logistics provider, The Hipage Company, explains that diversification through customization is one of the tenets of long-term success. The company uses insightful analogies on the topic and provides advice to the industry.

Norfolk, VA, September 02, 2009 --(PR.com)-- “As we look across our 82 year history,” reflects Frank Daman, President of The Hipage Company headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, “we have found that a high level of success lies in customization and dedicated customer service. What makes any product or service work well is how well it ‘fits’ a client’s specific needs.”

“To use an analogy, a custom-made, tailored suit will fit much better than a mass-produced, die-cut suit. However, it simply may not be practical to painstakingly tailor each item. That is where technology comes in and IES technology in particular. HIPAGE has proven staying power for more than eight decades because we offer customizable and adaptable solutions that ‘fit’ businesses of any size, large or small.”

“With the current state of affairs in the economy, our advice would be to ensure that your company is diversified, catering to a large-range of clientele. As in the natural world, you need to ensure that your company will not become ‘naturally selected’ simply because you are too specialized. Niche providers who have become overly specialized may not have the resources to endure major changes or upheavals. We have found that diversification through customization is one of the tenets of long-term success. The key is to ensure that you can do this while still being at the head of your game. We have found this can be achieved through technology.”

“For example,” continues Mr. Daman, “HIPAGE has a large client with multiple plants and facilities and 3.7 billion in annual revenue. It was essential that that they could effectively analyze product allocations to each of their individual plants. We researched technology providers who could partner with us to offer this detailed level of service. IES was the only software provider we found who could offer this level of customization. As a result, we were able to step-up and offer a high-end product tailored for our customer. This is the level of customization that has ensured our long-term staying power in the industry.”

“Our adaptable solutions are not limited to large, multinational companies. One exporter in particular comes to mind. Their volume of documents had reached a critical mass, consuming more and more of their time and as a result, their bottom line. Once again, HIPAGE was able to offer a customized solution through IES technology. With the IES Web Tracking module, we were able to offer this service to the client, effectively freeing them of the burden of maintaining and distributing hard copy documents related to their international shipments.”

About The Hipage Company
Since 1927, HIPAGE has provided intermodal freight and brokerage solutions to the expanding world of international trade. HIPAGE remains dedicated to developing long-term business partnerships devoted to advancing its client's global sourcing and distribution to and from foreign markets. For 82 years, the company has provided customized solutions to an increasingly complex global trading environment. For more information, please contact Bill Davenport at 757-446-1500.

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With offices in the US and Hong Kong, IES, Ltd. is one of the largest software transportation companies in North America. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the IES suite of import and export solutions serves freight forwarders, NVOCC’s, Customs brokers and other transportation intermediaries. IES’s product offerings adjust to the changes and complexities inherent in the global arena. As a result, the suite of IES solutions are among the most flexible in the industry. For more information, please contact Jason Kohler at 201-639-5000.

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