Cosmetic Harmony’s Flat Chest Express: 144 Women Will Get Dream Breast Augmentation

For women who do not feel confident in public because of flat chests, a new offer is announced by Cosmetic Harmony which will provide affordable Breast Augmentation Surgeries. It will be known as "Flat Chest Express."

Miami, FL, September 03, 2009 --( 144 women will be provided with low price breast augmentation; says Cosmetic Harmony, a leading plastic surgery Company in Bogota, Colombia, while announcing its new offer, Flat Chest Express.

Cosmetic Harmony will perform breast augmentation for 144 lucky women who have flat chest, at surprisingly lower cost.

“Cosmetic Harmony, with a mission to give a large group of women their dream body for a low price, has started the Flat Chest Express”, announces Anthony Giudice, Sales Supervisor of Cosmetic Harmony. “It is an incredible opportunity for over a hundred women who don’t feel confident with their flat chests”, he adds further.

“The selected cup ‘A’ women will travel to Colombia where they will be under the care of Board Certified plastic surgeons to get beautiful breast enhancements. Cosmetic Harmony will deliver these ladies their dream of a gorgeous, proportionate and sexy body. With years of experience, a professional team of surgeons and a long list of successful stories, Cosmetic Harmony launches Flat Chest Express as a way of contributing to the better looks of those women who desperately need a makeover but don’t have all the funds to afford it. The desire to fulfill a dream and being comfortable in front of a camera are the basic requisites to be a part of Flat Chest Express. A group of confident women will then return home after their successful breast augmentation,” informs Giudice.

144 women will undergo the most rigorous plastic surgery procedures to achieve their long dream of a more voluptuous body. They will get silicone implants at an affordable price.

Visit Cosmetic Harmony for further details and to sign up for Flat Chest Express.

About Cosmetic Harmony:
Cosmetic Harmony is a medical tourism company specializing in complete cosmetic surgery packages, including cosmetic procedures, travel, accommodations, transportation to medical appointments, a bilingual personal assistant and medications.

Anthony Giudice, Vice President of Sales
Cosmetic Harmony

Cosmetic Harmony
Anthony Giudice