DRE Veterinary Meets Demand for Respiratory Ventilators

Veterinary facilities throughout the United States rely on DRE Veterinary for its wide selection of new and professionally refurbished respiratory ventilators.

Louisville, KY, September 03, 2009 --(PR.com)-- DRE Veterinary — a premier supplier of veterinary equipment and supplies — is expanding its expertise to encompass a variety of respiratory ventilators for veterinary emergency and critical care facilities, as well as veterinary researchers and educators. According to Jim Evans, Division Manager of DRE Veterinary, the company is responding to a need in the veterinary market for reliable sources of respiratory ventilators.

“DRE Veterinary is one of the few veterinary equipment companies that can quickly supply respiratory ventilators to veterinary facilities,” said Evans. “DRE Veterinary’s wide selection of respiratory ventilators can help sustain recovering and critically-ill animals.”

According to Evans, DRE Veterinary supplies new and professionally refurbished respiratory ventilators for use with animals of all sizes. DRE Veterinary can also tailor respiratory ventilators to the specific needs and budgetary requirements of each veterinary facility.

DRE Veterinary offers a wide selection of advanced ventilators, such as the Pulmonetic LTV 1200 and LTV 1000. Both offers ease of use and versatility for optimal animal care. LTV Series ventilators are compact and lightweight, and can move seamlessly with patients throughout veterinary facilities.

The Viasys Vela Comprehensive Ventilator, available now from DRE Veterinary, provides ventilation for animals of all sizes. The Viasys Vela features turbine technology for optimized response times and impressive flow and pressure capabilities that provide power to support the most challenging patients. The Viasys Vela also has an intuitive user interface that promotes clinical effectiveness and patient safety.

DRE Veterinary’s selection of respiratory ventilators includes a variety of affordable, professionally refurbished options. The Siemens Servo 300A provides a wide range of ventilation modes and is perfect for use with small, medium and large animals. The Puritan Bennett 7200, another low cost ventilator available from DRE Veterinary, provides essential features and is dependable for critical care facilities.

Veterinarians and veterinary surgeons can learn more about DRE Veterinary’s complete selection of ventilators by visiting www.dreveterinary.com. Veterinarians can also see DRE Veterinary’s selection of respirator ventilators at the 2009 IVECCS Symposium, held Sept. 9 to Sept. 13, in Chicago, Ill.

In addition to new and professionally refurbished respiratory ventilators, DRE Veterinary’s product lineup includes the DRE Premier Veterinary Anesthesia Machine, the DRE Vision Excel Surgery Light System and the DRE ASG-120Vet Electrosurgical Generator.

DRE is reminding its customers that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 extended the Tax Code Section 179 benefits of 2008’s Economic Recovery Act. This could make 2009 an attractive year for medical facilities to purchase medical equipment, says Justin Jeffries, DRE Chief Operating Officer.

“For the 2009 income tax filing, a medical facility could utilize Section 179 to deduct as much as $250,000 in medical equipment put into use in 2009,” says Jeffries. “Section 179 can also allows medical facilities to take advantage of a one-time bonus depreciation of 50% for qualifying assets.”

DRE acknowledges that filing for Section 179 deductions requires financial planning. DRE does not endorse any tax filing method and recommends that medical facilities consult a financial adviser to confirm that filing for Section 179 deductions is appropriate.

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DRE Veterinary provides a combination of new and professionally refurbished or used medical equipment to veterinarians, veterinary surgery centers, research facilities, universities and technical schools. For the second consecutive year, DRE—DRE Veterinary’s parent company—has been named by Business First of Louisville as one of the 50 fastest growing businesses in Greater Louisville. Business First of Louisville also selected DRE as a Company of the Year.

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