Fetal Monitor with Large Display Available from DRE

The DRE Kindred is a compact fetal monitor with dual fetal heart rate and TOCO monitoring. - July 31, 2010

Animal-Specific Dental Unit Available Now from DRE Veterinary

DRE Veterinary offers the DRE Teres V-400, a high-speed veterinary dental unit that features cutting, polishing and scaling. - July 11, 2010

Hospital-Ready Surgery Lights Now Available from DRE

DRE recently unveiled the DRE Maxx Luxx Select, a surgery lighting system that provides maximum illumination for today’s surgical suite. - July 10, 2010

High Performance Aspirator Now Available From DRE

DRE now offers the DRE DM-660, a powerful 1/5 horsepower pump that delivers 0 - 26 inHg (0 - 660 mmHg) — among the highest in the industry. - June 13, 2010

DRE Now Distributes Versatile Pentax Airway Scope

The Pentax Airway Scope (AWS), a fast and accurate video intubation flexible laryngoscope, is now available from DRE in select regions of the United States. - May 06, 2010

DRE Unveils Surgical Drill and Microsaw System

DRE releases the OS-200, a superior implantology drill and microsaw system specifically designed for reconstructive and maxillofacial surgery. - April 18, 2010

DRE Medical to Offer Trade-In: Used Aestiva or Fabius and Receive Free Integra AV-S

Hospitals and surgery centers can trade in their used Aestiva/5 or Fabius GS anesthesia machines and receive free, brand new DRE Integra AV-S anesthesia workstations. - April 11, 2010

DRE Ultrasonic Imaging System Pairs Affordability, Innovation

DRE unveils the FS-32P, a digital ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system that features advanced digital beam-forming technology. - April 08, 2010

DRE Releases One of the Most Efficient Surgery Lights Available

Superior to many halogen light sources, the DRE Maxx Luxx 3 produces a rich light output with a low heat, energy efficient bulb. - March 28, 2010

DRE Unveils Portable Touch-Screen ECG/EKG System

The DRE True ECG Advance displays 12 waveforms simultaneously and is available with a stress testing option, all for a fraction of the cost of competing EKG machines. - March 13, 2010

Cost-Effective PC-Based EKG Now Available From DRE

DRE - a premier medical and surgical equipment supplier - now offers the DRE Velocity EKG, a portable PC-based EKG/ECG system that provides powerful data and analysis functions. - January 19, 2010

DRE Introduces Portable Vital Signs Monitor

DRE, a premier medical and surgical equipment supplier, now offers the DRE Signal SP, a portable vital signs monitor that provides up to six hours of on-the-go operation. - October 02, 2009

DRE Veterinary Meets Demand for Respiratory Ventilators

Veterinary facilities throughout the United States rely on DRE Veterinary for its wide selection of new and professionally refurbished respiratory ventilators. - September 03, 2009

Financing Available for Healthcare Equipment from DRE Medical Equipment

DRE Medical Equipment, a premier medical and surgical equipment supplier, is helping surgery centers and healthcare facilities acquire financing for new and professionally refurbished medical equipment. - July 30, 2009

DRE Medical Equipment Releases New Multi-Function Patient Monitors

DRE, a premier medical and surgical equipment supplier, now offers DRE ASM 6000 Series multi-parameter monitors that feature clinically-proven technology and crystal clear, high resolution displays. - May 14, 2009

DRE Medical Equipment Adds Compact Fetal Monitors to Its Product Lineup

DRE, a premier medical and surgical equipment supplier, expands its extensive product lineup to include affordable, reliable fetal monitors. - April 15, 2009

DRE AV-S Ventilator Now Has Multiple Spontaneous Breathing Modes

DRE, a premier surgical and medical equipment supplier, now sells its DRE Integra AV-S with a ventilator that features SIMV and SMMV; both support modes can be utilized as patients attempt to breathe spontaneously. - March 05, 2009

DRE Now Sells Professionally Refurbished Endoscopy Products

DRE, a premier medical and surgical equipment supplier, expands its extensive product lineup to include affordable, professionally refurbished endoscopy equipment. - February 18, 2009

ORSupply.com Offers Full Line of Bovie Cauteries

All disposable and reusable Bovie handheld cauteries can now be purchased instantly online at ORSupply.com. All Bovie high-temperature and low-temperature cautery kits, tips and ophthalmic burrs are available 24 hours a day at the largest online marketplace for surgical supplies and medical devices. - January 30, 2009

DRE Medical Equipment Now Sells Reconditioned Hill-Rom Hospital Beds

A premier medical and surgical equipment supplier, DRE adds affordable, professionally refurbished Hill-Rom hospital beds to its extensive product lineup. - January 29, 2009

Business First Selects DRE Medical Equipment as a Company of the Year

After naming DRE the 17th fastest growing business in Louisville, Business First of Louisville has named DRE a 2008 Company of the Year. - January 14, 2009

ORSupply.com Unveils Largest Selection of Otoscopes Available Anywhere

ORSupply.com now sells otoscopes from Welch Allyn, Heine and Riester, giving physicians and researchers a one-stop online shop for all their otoscope needs. - January 08, 2009

DRE Medical Equipment Adds Affordable Refurbished Ultrasound Machines to Product Line

A premier medical and surgical equipment supplier, DRE adds affordable, professionally refurbished ultrasound machines to its extensive product lineup. - November 05, 2008

DRE Medical Equipment Offers Valuable Discounts to GE Healthcare Customers

Following GE Healthcare’s announcement that it will discontinue several key anesthesia systems, DRE is offering generous trade-in allowances to Ohmeda customers. - September 25, 2008

ORSupply.com, Ambu Partner to Distribute Resuscitation, Immobilization and Intubation Supplies

ORSupply.com announced today that a new partnership with Ambu USA would make all Ambu resuscitation, immobilization and intubation supplies available via the ORSupply.com online marketplace. - September 19, 2008

ORSupply.com Introduces New Line of Products from Flexicare

ORSupply.com fuels rapid growth by partnering with Flexicare Ltd., a preeminent British manufacturer of laryngoscopes and intubation products. - August 21, 2008

DRE Medical Equipment Company Introduces Sleek Handheld Pulse Oximeter

The DRE Waveline Nano, a pocket-size pulse oximeter, displays pleth and line SpO2 waveforms, SpO2, and pulse rate on a bright, backlit screen. - August 21, 2008

DRE Medical Equipment Introduces FDA-Approved Syringe Pump

The easy-to-use DRE SP1500 Plus Syringe Pump is safe, accurate, and features an expanded infusion rate range. - June 05, 2008

DRE Medical Equipment Distributes Compact, Cost-Effective PC-Based ECG

DRE, Inc., begins distribution of Universal ECG, a portable PC-based ECG system. - April 09, 2008

DRE Helps Surgery Centers in New York Obtain Accreditation

DRE offers assistance to office-based surgery centers by providing affordable refurbished and new medical equipment. - March 19, 2008

DRE Names Chief Operating Officer

Following a year of record sales, international medical equipment supplier selects Timothy L. Jarm to lead company toward continued growth. - March 04, 2008

DRE Medical Equipment Introduces Touchscreen Wireless Telemetry/Patient Data Management System

The compact DRE Envoy PDM enables surgeons to track vital signs and patient data throughout their surgery center from a single location. - February 08, 2008

DRE Medical Equipment Introduces New Ophthalmic and ENT Surgical Microscopes

DRE Inc., a premier international medical and surgical equipment supplier, announces the addition of two new surgical microscopes to its existing line of medical equipment. - January 17, 2008

DRE Medical Equipment Company Named to Louisville Business First Fast 50

DRE Medical Equipment Company named by Louisville Business First as the 25th fastest growing privately owned company in the Greater Louisville Area. - December 06, 2007

DRE Announces Launch of Enhanced Medical Equipment Website

DRE unveils an upgraded website with enhanced features that provide expanded resources and greater ease-of-use for the medical equipment industry. - November 14, 2007

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