CETCO Remediation Technologies Acquires Distribution Rights for Tensar International’s Triton® Marine Mattress System

CETCO Remediation Technologies proudly announces distribution rights to the Triton® Marine Mattress System in the United States and Canada for subaqueous treatment of contaminated sediments.

Hoffman Estates, IL, September 04, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Combining the efforts of two industry leaders in remediation technologies promises to provide increased value to the environmental remediation industry. CETCO Remediation Technologies proudly announces a signed agreement with Tensar International Corporation (TIC) granting exclusive distribution rights to the Triton® Marine Mattress System in the United States and Canada for subaqueous treatment of contaminated sediments.

“CETCO is pleased to expand our portfolio of sediment remediation products and technologies with the addition of the Triton Marine Mattress System, in conjunction with our Reactive Core Mat product, to offer a broader range of sediment remediation solutions that will meet the growing needs of the environmental remediation industry,” said Chuck Hornaday, CETCO Group Manager. “This new partnership delivers a flexible and fully customizable system ready to meet the needs of diverse subaqueous sediment remediation projects.”

TIC, a leader in geosynthetic products for marine erosion control applications, recognized a need in the market for a delivery system that would allow installers to place a specified thickness of treatment material in a controlled manner to prevent contaminated sediments from entering rivers, lakes and oceans. In early 2000, the company began promoting the Triton Coastal & Waterway Systems’ marine mattresses for that purpose. CETCO improved on that concept with the addition of its Reactive Core Mat® (RCM) and other absorbent media to provide a means of trapping and treating more mobile contaminants in subaqueous contaminated sediments. Projects utilizing the new system have been successfully completed in three locations, including a recent pilot project on the Hudson River.

“This agreement represents two industry leaders coming together to advance important and useful technology to the sediment remediation market. The combined product line offers owners, engineers and contractors a cost-effective means to overcome many of the drawbacks to traditional capping methods,” remarked Jeff Fiske, TIC’s Coastal & Waterway Manager.

About CETCO Remediation Technologies - Headquartered in Hoffman Estates, IL, CETCO Remediation Technologies is a division of CETCO and is part of AMCOL International Corp. Through its operating subsidiaries, AMCOL is a leading international producer and marketer of value-added, specialty minerals and related products. Remediation efforts range in scope from environmental dredging to in-situ capping and monitored natural recovery. Regardless of the remediation conceptual site model, utilization of the latest technology and technical assistance with high quality products can aid the implementation. CETCO's products have been used to solve challenging environmental remediation projects worldwide. CETCO manufactures and markets a complete line of quality and cost-effective engineered solutions to challenging environmental projects worldwide in site remediation applications such as engineered remedial and mitigation barriers, sediment and soil treatment, soil solidification and stabilization, water treatment, dewatering, and hazardous waste cleanup.

About Tensar International Corporation – Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Tensar International Corporation was formed with the merger of Tensar Earth Technologies (Americas) and Tensar International Limited (United Kingdom) in 2006. The combined expertise and global production capacity have created a market-leading organization with unrivaled international coverage. Tensar International Corporation is a full-service provider of specialty products and engineering services that offer innovative and cost-effective alternatives to traditional construction methods. Triton Marine Mattresses are engineered with advanced geogrid and geotextile materials that can be integrated with readily available, natural fill material or vegetation to create highly resilient, flexible cells that conform to land contours and irregular subgrade conditions. Polymeric Tensar® Geogrids are the primary components of this, offering unmatched strength and durability on any site.

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