GemSelect Simplifies Gemstone Shopping

New powerful search capabilities make it easy for customers to find the exact gems they need online

Chanthaburi, Thailand, September 05, 2009 --( GemSelect, a leading online dealer in quality gemstones, has introduced simple and powerful new search capabilities to help customers find the exact gems they need on the company's website, GemSelect boasts one of the largest collection of loose gemstones on the internet, with more than 14,000 items in over 110 different gemstone varieties.

Colored gemstones are found in a huge variety of types, colors, shapes, cuts, sizes and quality grades. Customers place a high value on browsing a vast selection, but finding the desired items quickly and easily is a challenge. If the search tools are too complex or time-consuming, customers will revert to the slow but easy approach of paging through inventory to find their goal.

Asking a customer to fill out a complex form with all his specifications is an example of a strategy that typically fails to engage the impatient internet customer. GemSelect has taken a different approach. The customer can start with a simple choice and then progressively refine his selection as he views items that come closer to meeting his needs.

For example, the customer can start by searching all the blue gemstones. As he views all the different kinds of blue stones, he realizes that he prefers the sapphires and the kyanites. With a few clicks he can restrict his search to these two gem varieties. He can do the same with shape, size, clarity and price. He can also restrict his search to single pieces, pairs or lots. He soon defines a search result that can easily be browsed an item at a time.

The customer needn't know exactly what he wants when he begins. At each point he makes a simple choice and then is presented with product to browse. He can easily modify his search without starting over, by adding (or subtracting) colors or shapes or additional gemtypes to his current search.

Since each custom search is defined by a URL on the GemSelect website, the customer can save his search simply by bookmarking the current page. He can then return to the page on another visit and see the search results from GemSelect's constantly changing inventory.

About GemSelect
Founded in 2004, GemSelect is one of the leading online dealers in fine gemstones, specializing in sapphire, spinel, tourmaline, garnet and zircon. Based in the well-known gems center of Chanthaburi, Thailand, Gemselect sells direct from their website to customers in more than 90 countries.

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