How to Become as Beautiful as a Supermodel - New Dietbook

A new lifestyle book that forgoes the traditional dieting experts and instead presents personal beauty tips from a number of top models. The book encourages people to find their own way to a beautiful body – with inspiration from people who already are beautiful.

Los Angeles, CA, September 05, 2009 --( The unusual diet book "The Model's Diet – More Than A Body" has just been published. In contrast to most of the other books about health and beauty, this book is not based on the nutritional theory of one or another expert – but rather on what a number of gorgeous models have to say about the subject.

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Hot or Not
"We don't go to the gym to become healthy. We go because we want to be beautiful. Am I hot or not? - this is what it's about. Therefore, it may be beneficial to ask someone who already has a beautiful body. Their tips about diet and exercise have certainly proven their value in practice – and if it works for these models, it can also work for other people," says the book author, David Nicosia Longhi.

A series of models were interviewed and provide their personal advice for achieving a fantastic body – including:

Sunny Leone (Penthouse Pet of the Year)
Jennifer Walcott (Playmate of the Month)
Katie Cleary (first season of America’s Next Top Model)
”Bikini girl” Katrina Darrell (American Idols)
Henning Kristensen (World Championship winner in Fitness)

No pseudoscience
In "The Model's Diet – More Than A Body", you get personal tips on nutrition, snacking, exercise and health from these models and many others. In addition, a few nutrition experts, e.g. Dr. Mehmet Öz, come together for a thought-provoking discussion.

"Many of the diet and lifestyle books currently on the market are based on pseudoscience with a bunch of theories that aren't always grounded in reality. Nutrition doesn't need to be so complicated! Instead of asking a dietician, who may actually be in poor shape, I would rather get advice from a person who has actually succeeded in achieving a healthy and beautiful body," suggests David Nicosia Longhi.

Open book with no censor
Ordinary consumers can become easily confused by the many shifting and often contradictory health recommendations in the media, and David Nicosia Longhi wrote the book as a statement on the money-focused diet industry, which characterizes all of Western culture.

"This book is not a diet bible, but reflects the varying answers of a number of models in their entirety and uncensored – it's then up to the individual reader to become inspired. I try to thoroughly shed light on the subject so that readers can make their own choices. And in this way, the book is the most honest one you can find when it comes to nutrition, health and exercise," says David Nicosia Longhi.

"The Models Diet – More Than a Body", as the title says, deals not just with the purely physical aspects, but also provides a discussion around our ideal bodies, and how far we will go to achieve them."

The Models Diet
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