Recent Acting and Modeling Success Stories from John Robert Powers Southwest

New Mexico young talent makes it big in Hollywood. He started with John Robert Powers of Albuquerque New Mexico for modeling and acting training; part of the jrpsouthwest, NM and AZ School System.

Albuquerque, NM, September 05, 2009 --( A powers-ful stepping-stone to stardom.

The John Robert Powers School (JRP) in Albuquerque has served as the “stepping-stone to stardom” for Bryce Robinson, a recent student, who is currently appearing in “Marley & Me". The film stars Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. Bryce has also been seen in many national commercials including "he we to Jareds" and lead roles on 'Medium' and 'Monk'.

Bryce Robinson,, was first brought to the attention of talent agents as a member of the Albuquerque-JRP School. Bryce was noticed by a Los Angeles Agent visiting Albuquerque in 2005 and Bryce won the 2005 Scottsdale Talent Showcase attended by over 40 Agents, managers, and Casting Directors ( all personal network contacts of Diana Horner).

The John Robert Powers presence has been in Albuquerque since 1983.
Diana Horner is the Arizona-New Mexico franchise operations director of John Robert Powers with schools in Albuquerque and Tucson, in addition to Scottsdale.

Just who was John Robert Powers? He was an actor-turned-model who, in 1923, created the first training company of its kind focusing on acting, modeling and self-improvement. The famed “Powers Girl” was the epitome of poise, posture, sophistication, and social grace. Over two million women – and men – have become Powers models graduates including First Ladies Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis; and Betty Ford; Grace Kelly; Ava Gardner; Joan Crawford; Barbara Stanwyck; Lee Remick; Diana Ross; Henry Fonda; Tyrone Power; Elizabeth Taylor; and Montgomery Clift.

Although JRP is known primarily as a modeling and acting training ground, Horner is noticing that more and more CEOs, executives at all levels, emerging political figures, TV on-camera personalities, educators, and would-be public speakers are inquiring: “Just what can you do for Me?”

“With the thrust of businesses and professionals to the Albuquerque, we feel that we’re in a good position – or location, if you will – to help achieve whatever personal goals a candidate may have,” Horner adds.

Other Scottsdale success stories include: Laura Keisling in "Bedtime Stories" (the #1 movie released on Christmas Day 2008), Taylor Dooley, starring as “Lava Girl” in the feature film, “Shark Boy and Lava Girl”; “Trick or Treat. Blake Woodruff, featured in “Cheaper by the Dozen,” and “Cheaper by the Dozen II,” starring Steve Martin; “Blind Horizon”; “The Young and the Restless”; “Whisper”; “Mr. Ed”; “Back to You and Me”. Keith Bennett, NBC’s “Date My Mom”; and a national Chevrolet t commercial.

Travis Caldwell, “Zoey 101”, a TV episode; 2 national Bratz Dolls commercials. Garrett Hedlund, “Georgia Rule”.

The John Robert Powers School is considered the premier international institution of its kind for the training of models, actors, singers, dancers, and for overall personal self-improvement and professional development.

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John Robert Powers Albuquerque
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