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San Diego’s Luxury Pawnbroker Reports Rise in Large Cash Loans

Luxury pawnbroker San Diego Jewelry Buyers has reported a steady increase in immediate cash loans on luxury collateral, such as fine jewelry, gold coins, vintage timepieces, and large carat diamonds.

San Diego, CA, September 06, 2009 --( San Diego Jewelry Buyers, the luxury pawnbroker of San Diego County, has reported a steady increase in immediate cash loans on luxury collateral, such as fine jewelry, gold coins, rare timepieces, and large carat diamonds. According to Carl Blackburn, president of San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB), the rise in its large instant cash loans is due to a combination of factors: the privacy the company ensures its clients; the fact that no credit check is required; continued lending restrictions among banks; and the ability his company has to offer significant cash loans on the spot.

“Since the second quarter of 2009, when we increased our loan limits on qualified collateral, we have seen a notable increase in 25-50k loans on pawned luxury items such as high grade vintage watches and large estate diamonds, as well as rare jewel-studded writing instruments and custom made fine jewelry,” says Blackburn. “The credit crunch has been especially hard on many high net worth entrepreneurs in San Diego,” he adds. “Fortunately through our pawnbroker service we’ve been in the position to help many small businesses maintain their liquidity after they’ve been turned down by banks or other institutional lenders who continue to tighten their purse-strings.”

According to San Diego Jewelry Buyers, customers can pawn any luxury asset for that is fashioned from precious metal (gold, platinum, or silver) or which includes precious gemstones, such as diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. SDJB also offers large cash loans on exceptional timepieces, providing generous valuations on exclusive brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Panerai, and Audemars Piguet, as long as the hard market value of the watch qualifies for the company’s minimum loan amount of $2500. For loans below $2500, the company recommends customers use one of the many jewelry pawnbrokers in San Diego that require no minimum.

“We have a special interest in many top shelf brands of Swiss timepieces,” adds Blackburn. “Our pawnbroker staff has decades of experience evaluating the real worth of these mechanical works of art. A rare or vintage timepiece could still qualify a client for a substantial loan, even if the piece is not fashioned in gold or platinum.”

The process for receiving an instant collateral loan from San Diego Jewelry Buyers is described as follows:

1. Call or email SDJB to set an appointment.
2. Bring in your valuable items.
3. SDJB’s qualified consultants will appraise your items while you watch.
4. You will receive cash on the spot against the value of your items.

To learn more about SDJB’s elite luxury pawn service and read about the personal experiences of their customers, as well as view a TV news program which features the company, please visit them at:

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