Organic Beef 2.0: the Greenest Cow, Perhaps?

Dallas, TX, September 05, 2009 --( The Spanish never dreamed that, centuries later, they would play a role in two different kinds of revolutions. Owing to changing climate and palates, the Conquistadores are directly involved in both the grass-fed and the sustainable ranching revolutions in the beef industry. USDA scientist Ed Fredrickson believes Criollo cattle, brought to the new World by Spanish explorers more than 400 years ago, will provide a viable alternative for modern ranchers faced with these multiple challenges.

Criollo beef has been proven, via DNA testing, to rival Kobe beef (from Wagyu cattle) in tenderness, and certified Angus beef for quality/marbling. Exclusively grass fed, Criollo beef is exceptionally tender, lean and flavorful, with all the health benefits people have come to expect from grass-fed beef. University studies have found that Criollo beef has the same or superior taste, tenderness and aroma--with only half the fat--when comparing Criollo beef to certified Angus beef.

In addition to the high quality beef of Criollo cattle, the animals themselves can reduce the beef industry's environmental impact. Criollos are well known to utilize much more of the vegetation available than typical beef cattle. News articles from USA Today and Time magazine explore how Criollo cattle help restore degraded habitat, reduce brush and thrive in the desert or near-desert conditions of the American Southwest. In an era where climate change is causing more droughts in the American Southwest, the Criollo is becoming the go-to solution for a sustainable food supply, the effective remedy to increasing desertification of the land, and a major help with the continued economic viability of beef-producing ranches.

In line with the principles of sustainable practices: grass fed, no chemicals or growth hormones, no antibiotics--the American Criollo Beef Association is producing the highest quality Criollo cattle seed stock and Certified Criollo beef for the consumer. "The ACBA performs DNA testing on every Criollo for tenderness and marbling (taste) prior to approving it to be sold as Certified Criollo beef," states ACBA officer Mike Warren. The purpose of the testing is to uphold and ensure the high quality of the Certified Criollo beef, and that Criollo seed stock are being bred to the highest standards.

Janice W. Price, DVM, President of the ACBA, comments "Criollo cattle represent a rare opportunity to get back to basics for ranchers. With their restorative effects on America's grasslands, Criollo cattle are true little bovine 'carbon farmers!'"

For more information, please see Criollo beef can be purchased online. Seed stock is also available by private treaty.

About the Criollo at ACBA ranches:
Typical ranching members of the ACBA include the Warren Ranch, in the hill country of Central Texas, and the Jandal Ranch, in the beautiful mesa country of West Texas. On both ranches, Criollo cattle roam across thousands of acres, where they freely graze. Through DNA testing, both ranches are carefully selecting their seed stock Criollo, as well as animals to go into the Certified Criollo Beef feeding program.

Media Contact: Kenneth Woodell, Warren Ranch, 254-337-0263
Dale Price, The Jandal Ranch, 325-201-3201

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