iGoMogul Educates Beginning Bloggers on Tech Tips

Web Development company iGoMogul educates beginning bloggers on how to manage and maintain their blog, website, and personal computer.

Phoenix, AZ, September 06, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The Internet has been around long enough that there are now young adults who never knew a world without online shopping, online social networking, or a classroom without computer learning. It wasn’t always this way and there are still many people who are inexperienced in all things Internet. iGoMogul has created an online blog series about Technology Tips in order to educate and prepare clients and those new to the web who are apprehensive of delving in to the online world but want to create and maintain a website.

Tech Tips is a series on the iGoMogul company blog that highlights a tip or explains how to perform an action on a computer. The educational posts are composed of technology pointers that range from identifying and choosing the right PC hardware to how to troubleshoot your computer’s performance speed. Readers learn how to maintain and manage your computer’s functions as well as learn the basics of web browsers and word processors.

iGoMogul Systems Administrator Kevin Hotalen produces the series and said, “All computer users, especially those without formal training, can benefit from the Tech Tips series. Although there will always be some people who delve deeper into technology than others, it is important to remember that anyone can (and should) learn about computers. Understanding even the basics will allow people to adapt more quickly to changing technology, which undoubtedly plays a prominent role in all aspects of our lives. Hopefully, Tech Tips can inspire people to jump in and learn what their computers are capable of with their own hands.”

In addition to the Tech Tips series, the iGoMogul blog presents tips for how to build and monetize your website, grammar tips, SEO practices, social media participation, as well as a knowledge base with glossaries for all things Internet related. For more information, please visit: http://www.igomogul.com/blog.

iGoMogul is an experienced web development and technology company located in Phoenix, Arizona, and has served clients nationwide since 2007. iGoMogul is dedicated to great customer service, and educating clients who are inexperienced in creating and maintaining websites.

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