People's Financial Advisor Shows Clients Their Financial Position on the Cambridge Financial Life Cycle©

Technology enables middle-income American to benefit from the Cambridge Financial Life Cycle© that guided thousands of families to financial independence over the past 30 years.

Buena Vista, CO, September 10, 2009 --( People’s Financial Advisor (PFA) a leading provider of online fiduciary financial planning services, today unveiled the use of the Cambridge Financial Life Cycle© in its online advice services.

Mr. Robert Schumann, Chief Advice Officer at People’s Financial Advisor explains: “Achieving your goals requires you to choose one of three core financial strategies: Accumulation, Conservation or Distribution. To determine the most suitable strategy for your goals and situation, People’s Financial Advisor calculates your position on a unique financial benchmark called the Cambridge Financial Life Cycle©.”

The Financial Life Cycle© is a key tool of the proven Cambridge System which was developed by Bert Whitehead, one of the nation's top financial advisors. This system has guided thousands of families to financial independence over the past 30 years.

Mr. Schumann added: “The Cambridge Financial Life Cycle© is a benchmark which divides your life into ten typical financial stages. There are specific wealth building strategies for each stage and financial ratios that mark the transition from one stage to the next.”

People’s Financial Advisor expert system analyzes individual’s position on the Financial Life Cycle© and compares it to her/his biological position. It evaluates if the client is on target, ahead, or behind where she/he should be compared with most people at that age bracket, and provides personalized specific recommendations one should undertake.

Mr. David Ron, Co-Founder & CEO of People’s Financial Advisor said: “The Life Cycle helps people visualize their financial position and serves as a roadmap to visualize people’s financial future and the steps and strategies to get there. We call these steps a journey to FIPOM - Financial Independence and Peace Of Mind”.

Mr. Ron added: “Everyone can come to our website and get a Free Financial Assessment that includes an estimate of a Financial Position on the Life Cycle. This is exactly the kind of commitment we all share with regards to the fiduciary service we set out to offer.”

Bob Schumann
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