Visus Technologies Introduces Smart eBinder

New softward technology to help manufacturers cut catalog distribution costs and track potential new sales through interactive interface.

Leesburg, FL, September 10, 2009 --( Visus Technologies has developed an interactive electronic version of the traditional construction industry’s architectural binder. The Smart E-Binder is delivered in a CD/DVD format or on a memory stick and offers architects, designers and specifiers features such as automatic updates, instant sample requests and downloadable specifications, CAD drawings and other submittal documentation.

For the manufacturer, the Smart E-Binder provides automatic registration, so the company knows instantly where each binder is located. Updates are handled electronically, through a web connection, so sales reps never have to worry whether or not their customers’ binder was updated. The product also establishes a 24-hour-a-day electronic link between company and customer, allowing the latter to instantly request samples, documentation or get specific questions answered.

From an environmental perspective, using the Smart E-Binder makes a positive “green” statement. Based on data from industry sources, printing a typical 300-page architectural binder requires approximately three trees per every 100 binder copies, plus the energy associated with printing, shipping and distribution, plus the cost of printing and mailing updates.

The Smart E-Binder can actually save money from reduced or eliminated printing costs while also lessening the company’s environmental impact of doing business. Clients can retrieve the binder from the company website and avoid shipping impacts. They can print only the pages that are necessary for presentations and kill far fewer trees.

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Visus Technologies
Bernie Pisczek