Green and Spiritual Bloggers, Altglobe Has a RSS Plugin for You

Altglobe, the hub for green and spiritual bloggers, is releasing a RSS plugin to enable all green and spiritual bloggers to join Altglobe's community, plug their blog content to Altglobe's knowledge-base, and make the World a better place in the process.

San Francisco, CA, September 10, 2009 --( Altglobe ( is a publishing platform where green and spiritual bloggers share ideas on how to make the World a better place. Up until today, Altglobe specialized in providing a blog hosting solution for its members to write and share their knowledge. Altglobe has experienced a significant growth since it started, and Altglobe i s now ready to expand beyond Altglobe's own domain.

Today, the team behind Altglobe is excited to announce the launch of a new feature geared toward all green and spiritual bloggers out there: Altglobe's members can now use Altglobe's RSS plugin to display their blogs' latest posts on their Altglobe profile page. This means active community members on Altglobe who usually get lots of profile views will also get clicks back to their site. This also means Altglobe is starting to build quite an extensive knowledge-base of ideas to change the world. In the very near future, Alglobe will sort all members’ feeds, and deliver the best of the green and spiritual blogosphere on its homepage.

Altglobe's mission is simple: Like its community members, Altglobe is committed to make the World a better place. Altglobe's goal is to create a place where individuals concerned about the eco & mind can inspire one another. Altglobe aims to achieve this goal by offering Web solutions that facilitate sharing green and spiritual ideas with the World.

Altglobe was created in June 2006 by Aviad Giat as a place to share green and spiritual ideas with his friends. Three years later, the community has grown way beyond Aviad's personal network, and Altglobe is honored to take on the responsibility to offer the best crowd-sourced ideas to make the World a better place

Green and spiritual bloggers, Welcome!

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