Ghost Author Announces Autumn Appearances

Elizabeth Eagan-Cox, author of the Shannon Delaney paranormal mystery novels sets appearance schedule for the Burnt Orange season.

Inland Empire, CA, September 10, 2009 --( "I thought of formally announcing my autumn schedule as the Burnt Orange Tour, then decided not to. I am familiar with Victorian phrases, and burnt orange refers to the colors of autumn, however, in today’s world the phrase might be misunderstood. Still and all, I do love the description…burnt orange conjures up images of autumns of a bygone century… a good imagery association to my paranormal mystery novels, especially in regard to the ghost character of Eric Blackthorne, a master magician from the late 1800s."

Eagan-Cox’s novel series is based on concepts from her Celtic ancestry. This includes the complexity of the main character; a young woman named Shannon Delaney and Shannon’s ever-evolving intuitive intelligence to speak to the past. Eagan-Cox explains:

"Shannon’s blood memory talents are derived from my own Celtic traditions and so is the interwoven story between her and the ghost of Eric Blackthorne, a Scotsman who came to California in the 1800s and married into a prominent California Hispanic family."

This novel series is the opportunity for Eagan-Cox to combine her study of California history with her own heritage and use cold-case facts of real history to weave a paranormal story line in which Shannon Delaney solves mysteries that range from century-old murders to obscure poisonings and pirate’s treasure.

Her appearances on radio and in-print interviews can be a different story…

"I do get off track and on more than one occasion a radio host or interviewer has reminded to plug my books. It’s because I get caught up in answering questions and talking in depth about topics such has blood memory (intuitive talents inherited from ancestors) and the time in-between segmented sleep known as "Quiet Wakefulness." It’s not that these are new topics, quite the opposite, they are ancient, and certainly the beliefs are not exclusive to Celtic culture. Though it seems that we, in the Celtic culture are more open about discussing them."

Catch one of Elizabeth Eagan-Cox’s upcoming appearances and find out for yourself why she is so passionate about these topics and her novels.

Links to each of these appearances on Elizabeth’s web site,

September 27: Book-A-Week Challenge at Denise Robbins’ web site. Crime author Denise Robbins interviews Elizabeth Eagan-Cox in an author-to-author chat.

October 9: A Gaggle of Book Reviews, Rachel Ausband’s web site for book reviews and author interviews from the unique gaggle of girls perspective. Rachel interviews Elizabeth.

October 19: Frank Mundo, LA Book Examiner, interviews Elizabeth. Frank’s industry insider interviews at are always in perfect focus and on the leading edge of book news.

October 23: 8:00 pm, Pacific time, Radio: Ghost Rider Paranormal Radio program with host Jon Almada of Ghost Rider Investigations. Elizabeth visits with Jon for the second time. Jon and the GRI crew conduct Paranormal Research in the Gold Country of Northern California. GRI web site ( And be sure to tune in to the radio program.

October 27: 3:30 pm, Pacific time, Radio: Across the Pond with Barry Eva and his cozy ‘book and a chat’ radio program. Tune in for some casual conversation as Elizabeth visits with British (now living in USA) author Barry Eva.

October 30 & 31st: Halloween! Elizabeth is the guest writer for the Museum of the Macabre’s Haunted History Blog. Log on to read all about Celtic Halloween Traditions. Presented in two parts, Elizabeth’s article will appear on October 30 and October 31.

November 12, 5:00 pm, Pacific time: Miamitown Ghost Talk Radio on ASPRN paranormal radio network. Join brothers Jeff and Mike as hosts to the show that is an on-air extension to their popular Miamitown Ghost Tours. Elizabeth’s topic for discussion with Mike and Jeff is: Find your ancestors, find your ghosts.

November 15, 9:00 pm, Pacific time: PSI-FI Para Radio hosted by Dead Time Paranormal and PSI of Oregon. Join Elizabeth on the air as we discuss all aspects of paranormal, especially the hunt for ancestors as possible ghosts and how to go about digging up your ghosts.

November 21, 9:00 pm. Pacific time, Elizabeth’s last appearance of the burnt orange season. And she is spending it on the radio waves with host Allen Wolfshadow at Ghost Hunters Radio. Ghost Hunters Inc. was founded in 1974 and they are forerunners in the study of paranormal investigations.

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