Alla Kosarevskaya to Display Marquetry Veneers Composed of Wood and Metals in Idiosyncratic Expressions at Agora Gallery

Inventing an entirely unique form of artwork, Alla Kosarevskaya, adeptly melds the worlds of high art with exquisite craftsmanship in every breathtaking piece. At first glance, Kosarevskaya’s works appear as graphic, monochromatic paintings, but, upon further inspection, each reveals its true complexity and astounding construction.

New York, NY, September 11, 2009 --( Chelsea’s Agora Gallery announced they will host a collective art exhibition consisting of three parts that is scheduled to run from September 8, 2009 through September 29, 2009.

Rather than paintings, drawings or digital images, Alla Kosarevskaya's works are in fact marquetry veneers, composed entirely of wood and precious metals. Each work is completely handmade; Kosarevskaya carefully cuts every natural piece of wood to precisely fit with the other fragments, then joins them together harmoniously to give life to works of intoxicating warmth and beauty. Although Kosarevskaya’s works borrow their method from the traditional craft of marquetry, her panels are unique in their status as fine art. Unparalleled in the art world, Kosarevskaya is clearly in a class of her own.

Born and educated in Russia, Alla Kosarevskaya now lives and works in Miami and New York.

Idiosyncratic Expressions is an exhibition that offers viewers a deeper story through twisted sculptures of recycled aluminum, veneers applied to natural cuts of wood that appear at first glance to be paintings, and where Americana and Japanese manga collide. Audiences will be moved by the striking and distinctive viewpoints presented in the works of art in this spectacular collective. Pulsing with vibrant energy, Color Immersion displays the expressive, central role that an artist’s palette plays in the creation of a painting. Crafting their personal inspirations in a variety of styles, this exhibition features a collection of painters that are united in their understanding of the intimate relationship between color and emotion. A Maze of Milieu is an enchanted voyage through eddying colors, majestic landscapes and smooth panoramas that dare viewers to be swept away by the brilliance of the world around us.

Exhibition Dates: September 8, 2009 – September 29, 2009
Reception: Thursday, September 10, 2009, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Gallery Location: 530 West 25th St, New York City
Gallery Hours: Tues – Sat, 11a.m. - 6 p.m.

Featured Artists:
Idiosyncratic Expressions- Samantha Churchill, Alla Kosarevskaya, niki.b
Color Immersion- Gloria S. Ferreira, Cary Gang, Virginia Hernàndez
A Maze of Milieu- Urmil Jain, Iva Milanova, Daniel Sewell, Zoë Sherwood, Marc C. Slootjes, Soon Ro Yoon

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