Penny Weaver: Lightbody Ka Activation Class Reveals How to Manifest and Heal Your Body and Life

Penny Weaver teaches virtual class about Lightbody Ka and how to heal and manifest your body and life.

Northville, MI, September 17, 2009 --( Reverend and Shamantist Penny Weaver is now offering a class titled "Lightbody: Introductory Light Body Class for Energy Healing and Manifestation". The class will meet virtually at 7 p.m. on September 16 and 23 for 75 minutes.

Students will learn how to activate their Lightbody Ka for ultimate healing and manifestation in the third dimension. The class will meet for two sessions and is limited to 24 people to ensure all participants can interact and ask questions.

"I'm excited to share this vitally important information to help all heal their physical and spiritual bodies for an abundant life," said Weaver.

The instructor, Penny Weaver, decided to teach this class due to her personal experience with Lightbody Ka, and the success of her other teleseminars and groups such as the "Outer Edge".

"Lightbody Ka Activation™ is so important to our healing. Sickness begins in the Lightbody Ka and needs to be healed in the Lightbody Ka for it to manifest in our physical bodies," said Weaver. "This knowledge of working with our Lightbody Ka has helped to heal me from ovarian cancer."

"Lightbody: Introductory Light Body Class for Energy Healing and Manifestation" will be offered as a teleclass over the internet rather than in person. Enrollees can log in on their computers and participate remotely. For additional information and registration visit:

Penny Weaver, holds a Masters degree in both Business and Guidance & Counseling, with a Specialist Degree in Clinical Psychology. She is a Meditation Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Sekhem Hypnotherapist, Sekhem-Seichim Master Teacher, Sekhem (Australian) Master Teacher, Shambala Master /Teacher, Blue Star Celestial Energy Master /Teacher, Karuna® Master/ Teacher, Medium, Shaman and Author of Self Master through Integration of Spirit, Body, and Mind. She teaches classes on-line and at her studio in Northville,MI. For a copy of her Free Lecture and Meditation on Connecting with Your Higher Self, visit:

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