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Winter Garden, FL, September 11, 2009 --( announced that new TSCI Street Pulses have been posted to its website. Investors can read the full articles at: The following are excerpts:

September 8, 2009 - TSCI Street Pulse

What Happens to a $32 Million Market Cap Company That Receives a $150 Million Stimulus Award?

By Joe Noel, Emerging Growth Research

“… Several weeks ago KeyOn Communications (OTCBB: KEYO) applied for $150 million of federal broadband-related stimulus funds. We believe the chances of receiving this entire amount are very strong. We have seen the shares of the Company rise in anticipation of this event, with the shares recently reaching a 52-week high of $2.16.

“In our opinion, the shares are still significantly undervalued. Below, we provide an analysis relative to our valuation thoughts based on likely effects the $150 million will have on the Company's balance sheet, its subscriber counts, revenues, and finally on a likely valuation based on per subscriber and multiple of revenue valuations.”

- The full article is available at:

September 8, 2009 - TSCI Street Pulse

Investment Prospects In Latin America

By Vincent Weber, B.Sc. – Fundamental Research

“ … Despite a long history of mineral exploitation, we believe the potential for the discovery of profitable ore deposits is growing in many Latin American countries. Because mineral exploration/exploitation tends to begin with the most visible and easily accessible deposits, one can be influenced to believe the most economic deposits in countries with a long history in mining have already been identified and exhausted. We feel this is not the case, a likely contributor being the less than structured practices prior to the 1990’s when many Latin American mining laws were drastically reformed. In fact, several new projects are still being discovered in areas with no previous exploration, as well as around historic workings where full potential was not realized.”

Companies discussed in the article include: Silvercrest Mines, Inc. (TSXV: SVL), Ventura Gold Corp. (TSXV: VGO) and Gold Resource Corp. (OTCBB: GORO).

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September 2, 2009 - TSCI Street Pulse

The Sun Will Come Out … Tomorrow

By Trey Meehan, Meehan Capital

“ … History tells us that smaller companies tend to be a leading indicator of economic recovery. In fact, small caps generally start to experience recovery prior to a recession or depression actually ending. In 1932, a year before the end of the Great Depression, small caps outperformed the larger market. During the period spanning 1932 to 1943, which included the 1937 Recession, small caps were the top producing sector 11 of the 13 years. Following the 1973 – 1975 recession, small caps again assumed the leadership position for an amazing 10 straight years. These are just two examples following two of the most severe recessions in the past century (not including the current economic situation), but the trend generally holds true when looking at other time frames as well.

“I believe that we are currently in a cyclical recession that really started in 2000 and one which has had numerous peaks and valleys. If we are in fact approaching the end of this recession or at least this part of the cycle, and I use the work “if” very lightly, it is likely that small caps will be a leading indicator once again.”

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