"My Tale of Two Cities" Plays Milwaukee: Downtown Leaders from Around the World Will Watch "Funny and Revealing" Film

Milwaukee, WI, September 11, 2009 --(PR.com)-- “A delightful, quirky, heartwarming film that is as funny as it is revealing..." 
-- Don Roy King, director, "Saturday Night Live"

"If you believe in miraculous comebacks, you've got to catch this film." 
-- Franco Harris, Hall of Fame Steeler

Films at their best inspire people to see the world differently. And perhaps that’s why the International Downtown Association which represents over 650 downtown associations from around the world (www.ida-downtown.org) is showing a touching, funny, and moving documentary, My Tale of Two Cities, as a keynote address for their 55th Annual Convention on September 13th at 2:00 p.m. at Milwaukee’s Midwest Convention Center. With humor and heart, the film addresses important themes that many of us are experiencing these days--- from why we chose to live where we do, to how both people and cities facing tough times can reinvent themselves.

Several years ago screenwriter (St. Elmo’s Fire) and TV writer/producer (Saved By The Bell) Carl Kurlander found himself on The Oprah Winfrey Show, for of all things, leaving Hollywood and moving back to his hometown of Pittsburgh. But soon after Carl and his wife Natalie told Oprah how happy they were raising their daughter in what was literally Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Pittsburgh lost its favorite neighbor, Fred Rogers, and the city itself when bankrupt.

Yet like his hometown, Carl decided to not to give up. Armed with a cranky cameraman and funding from his dermatologist, Kurlander talked with his neighbors, from the famous (Teresa Heinz Kerry, Franco Harris) to the not-so-famous (his old gym teacher and the girl who inspired St. Elmo’s Fire) about how a once great industrial giant, which built America with its steel, conquered polio and invented everything from aluminum to the Big Mac, could reinvent itself for a new age. The result is a funny, heartfelt, and personal film that strikes a chord for anyone who has ever asked “can you home again?” and inspires us all to remember that “it’s never too late to come back.”

In its own quirky and delightful way, My Tale of Two Cities treats audiences to wisdom that applies to any neighborhood. Buy cheese with Teresa Heinz Kerry, as she reminds us how sometimes our worst problems can become our best opportunities. Go fishing with the Mayor in Pittsburgh’s once polluted rivers and then, after eating a fish from there, visit famed coroner Dr. Cyril Wecht to find out if you will live. Toss a football with Steeler legend Franco Harris and learn whether a city can be too obsessed with sports. Visit Andy Warhol's nephew Marty at his scrap yard near The Warhol Museum and ask “What would have happened if Andy had stayed in Pittsburgh?” Learn from Fred Rogers’ delivery man, Mr. McFeely, that Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood still exists in Pittsburgh and that Pittsburgh’s long struggles, and recent triumphs, can hold lessons for many other cities trying to redefine themselves. And discover that sometimes to move on with our futures, cities and people have to let go of our pasts, and learn to believe in themselves.

Having played at festivals and screenings around the country, My Tale of Two Cities is being distributed by Panorama Entertainment. While the screening and Kurlander’s subsequent Q&A at the IDA Convention will be limited to participants and media, Panorama is currently planning on booking the film in theaters in Milwaukee and other cities around the country.

This IDA screening is well timed as later in the month, twenty world leaders will arrive in Pittsburgh for the G-20 Summit, with Pittsburgh picked for being a model example of a quintessential American City which has reinvented itself.

For further information, visit www.mytaleoftwocities.com and www.pittsburghcomeback.com

For information on the International Downtown Association Convention,
go to http://www.ida-downtown.org

For press screeners, please contact Stephanie Dangel at 412-622-1325 or at mytaleoftwocities@gmail.com

"My Tale of Two Cities" is a 1905 Production.

My Tale of Two Cities
Stephanie Dangel, Producer
Carl Kurlander, Director