Nationwide CPR, AED, First Aid and Emergency Response Training Blog by Annuvia

Annuvia, a national provider of CPR, First Aid training, and AED units, has launched a blog.

San Francisco, CA, September 11, 2009 --( Annuvia, a national provider of CPR, First Aid training, and AED units from the major AED defibrillator manufacturers, has launched a blog to allow for increased research, opinion, and feedback from the health and safety industry. Annuvia provides consultative training services for many of the nation’s leading organizations, representing various disciplines, markets, and a diverse array of professional services. With vast experience building, implementing, and managing large, national CPR, AED Defibrillator, and First Aid training programs for many of the most prominent companies in the country, Annuvia has learned what is important to organizations that know and deserve the highest quality service. Some of the factors that make Annuvia unique include:

-National employee base (no independent contractors), resulting in program standardization and consistent, high-quality solutions.

-Economic savings through economies of scale and national solutions. When organizations plan their health and safety solutions nationally, they’re able to save resources through efficiencies and avoid otherwise inevitable opportunistic loss when utilizing employees at each facility to procure high-quality services.

-All courses (such as CPR classes, First Aid training, and customized Emergency Response Team training) are built specific to their client’s needs and taught by healthcare providers with years of emergency medical experience. Annuvia employs Emergency Room Physicians, Critical Care Nurses, flight paramedics, and similar industry leaders who respond to emergencies on a daily basis.

-Annuvia is an agnostic distributor of AED units. We believe that all units save lives and allow clients to choose which unit is best for their needs. By offering unbiased information such as AED comparison matrices and in-depth consultation, Annuvia helps create safer communities across the country.

“By offering an engaging, collaborative forum for the CPR, First Aid, and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) unit industry, we hope to combine the experiences of lay rescuers and professional responders alike. Annuvia is often asked for our opinion on health and safety issues, AED legal requirements, and deployment strategies, so posting a blog was a natural fit,” states Micah Bongberg, President of Annuvia. “Specifically, our aim is to inform potential AED unit buyers and apprehensive decision-makers of the life-saving benefits AED units provide. We’re confident that, if given all the facts, the case for installing AED units at an organization’s facility can be justified socially, economically, and from a legal and risk management perspective. Our blog will serve as yet another platform to make the case!”

Whether an organization is interested in learning more about CPR AED classes, First Aid Training, or would simply like to learn how AED laws might affect their facility, the process is easier than ever before. Moreover, should users find a question for which they don’t know the answer; they can easily test their luck with a member of Annuvia’s national team of healthcare providers.

Annuvia ( is a leading provider of health, safety, emergency preparedness, and emergency response services in the nation. The company assists businesses and organizations with emergency training programs for CPR and AED use, first aid safety training, and customized consultative solutions to create safer, more prepared communities. Annuvia specializes in streamlining national programs for many of the nation’s largest organizations.

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Vrinda Deshmukh