Fast Float™ Valved Latex Now Available from Balloon Wholesalers International

BWI now has Fast Float™ valved latex available for immediate shipment.

Fresno, CA, September 11, 2009 --( Fast Float™ valved latex balloons on sale now at Balloon Wholesalers International are designed to allow retailers to easily inflate and sell quality latex balloons without a lot of hassle.

Fast Float™ valved latex balloons are designed to give businesses a quality product that is long lasting and effortless. Fast Float™ valved latex balloons are made from decorator quality Betallatex latex balloons. Each balloon is treated with just the right amount of HI-FLOAT® to ensure maximum float time. Fast Float™ balloons come with an easy to inflate and re-inflate if needed valve that has pre-attached ribbon eliminating the need to tie off the balloon. Fast Float™ latex balloons are kept in a special foil-coated bag to preserve freshness. The re-sealable zipper allows for clean and easy storage.

All businesses that work with the new Fast Float™ valved latex from Balloon Wholesalers International will see just how easy selling balloons can be. Once the balloon has been removed from the re-sealable storage bag simply helium inflate, add to a weight and balloons are ready to sell. Fast Float™ valved latex balloons come in bags of 25 of either solid color or printed balloons.

Balloon Wholesalers International is an independent distributor of the Fast Float™ valved latex manufactured by Betallic. Balloon Wholesalers International (BWI) is located at 5733 E. Shields Ave. Fresno, California

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Carrie Estrada