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With Empire Medical Training physicians can create an Aesthetics business or incorporate aesthetic services into a present practice. The Cosmetic Laser workshop gives a comprehensive overview of how Cosmetic Lasers and IPL work including the physics of lasers/IPL.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, September 12, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Empire Medical Training Comprehensive Aesthetic Cosmetic Laser & IPL Workshops

Cellulite Reduction/Lipo Lasers – Radiofrequency Skin Tightening – CO2 Lasers

Upcoming Programs Dates & Locations:
September 2009
Cosmetic & Laser Procedures for Primary Care Sept 12-13 Austin, TX
Pain Management Procedures Sept 12 Dallas, TX
Advanced Pain Management Sept 13 Dallas, TX
Traditional Sclerotherapy & Laser Solutions Sept 17 Dallas, TX
Comprehensive Botox/Dermal Filler 1-day Training Sept 18 Dallas, TX
Cosmetic Laser Workshop Sept 19-20 Dallas, TX
Anti-Aging and Integrative Hormone Therapies Sept 19 Dallas, TX
Mesotherapy, Cellulite, & Lipo Therapies Sept 19 Dallas, TX
Weight Management and Medical Fitness Sept 20 Dallas, TX
Comprehensive Facial Aesthetics Training Sept 24 Las Vegas, NV
Comprehensive Botox Cosmetic Training Sept 18 Dallas, TX
Comprehensive Botox Cosmetic Training Sept 25 Las Vegas, NV
Comprehensive Dermal Filler Training Sept 18 Dallas, TX
Comprehensive Dermal Filler Training Sept 26 Las Vegas, NV
Autologous Fat Transfer Sept 27 Las Vegas, NV
Classes for 2010 available for membership enrollment

Empire Medical Training offers three different aesthetic training workshops for cosmetic laser training. The Cosmetic & Laser Procedures for Primary Care workshop has remained one of Empire’s most popular programs partly due to the increased demand from physicians to learn these cash based procedures also because of the team of dynamic instructors conducting these low student ratio courses.

One of the largest decisions to be made concerning integrating Aesthetics is to define which services to offer patients. The choice in creating an Aesthetics business or incorporating aesthetic services into a present practice depends on which services a physician wishes to offer. The primary care workshop is an overview course that provides the forms, consents, medical questionnaires, releases, and protocols needed to start offering aesthetic services.

Empire Medical Training has created this course to include all the didactic needed to offer patients a “standard of care” as well as learning from the experience of live patient demonstration. The live demonstrations include Botox, Filler injectable training, facial aesthetics and a variety of cosmetic laser procedures that the student would perform. Other aesthetic training programs such as Mesotherapy, sclerotherapy, advanced acne treatments, weight loss, and wellness/HRT services will also be discussed in detail for physicians to understand the broad scope of aesthetics as well as the need to diversify in the services they offer.

Through the Cosmetic Laser Workshop each attendee will receive a comprehensive overview of how Cosmetic Lasers and IPL work including the physics of lasers/IPL and a full understanding of all types of lasers and which conditions each laser can treat effectively. Empire Medical Training provides hands-on training with lasers from only the top tier manufacturers and each attendee will understand the limitations, pros and cons, and additional skin conditions that can be treated by Hair Removal Lasers, YAG Lasers, and IPL/Photofacial for face rejuvenation.

The demand for cosmetic laser treatments is increasing as well as the demand for the advanced laser treatment of wrinkles, skin sculpturing, scars, and tattoo removal. All of these procedures are beneficial to both patients and doctors. Physicians can integrate the newest laser technology into an existing practice that provides laser cosmetic enhancement and treatments that are both beneficial to the patient as well as profitable to the physicians practice.

Empire Medical Training has a few options for Cosmetic Laser procedure training and laser investment information to help physicians make the right choice for that physicians practice. Cosmetic Laser Advanced is available through Preceptorship training only with many locations to choose from throughout the U.S. Learn when and how to use the different delivery methods: traditional with needles, the MesoGun, or the newer technologies now available.

The Cosmetic and Laser Workshop specifically covers patient selection criteria, the initial evaluation, Techniques and demonstration in BOTOX® Cosmetic, Collagen and Fillers, Restylane® Treatment, and Hands-on training in Facial Peels, Lasers, Hair Removal, Microdermabrasion, Skin Resurfacing, and Tattoo Removal, as well as marketing and pricing strategies to grow a physicians cosmetic practice.

Empire Medical Training is an American based training institution that has remained the #1 training and certification source worldwide with Surgical Workshops, Aesthetic Workshops, Pain Management Procedures, Liposuction, Mesotherapy, Cellulite, and Lipo Therapies with the continuing goal to help students and physicians succeed in Aesthetic Medicine. Empire Medical offers training programs such as Comprehensive Botox Cosmetic, Dermal Filler, Autologous Fat Filler Procedures, Sclerotherapy and many other options in Aesthetic Training and Medical Workshops.

With over 200 CME Medical and Aesthetic workshops offered each year, Empire has trained over 29,000 Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, and other Health Care Professionals.

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