Painted Saw Media Releases NFL Twitter Reader iPhone Apps

Bloomfield, NJ, September 12, 2009 --( Painted Saw Media, an indie iPhone Developer is releasing NFL Twitter reader iPhone apps. The apps enable you to read the latest Twitter updates from all of the players from your favorite teams that are on Twitter. Each app is themed to a specific NFL team and contains an updated stream of Twitter updates from the team’s players - provided they have a public twitter account. The apps are geared to being simple twitter readers displaying only players and sometimes coaches or owners. They are not cluttered with bloggers or reporters. All apps are available in the iTunes app store.

Recently, in celebration of the opening of the 2009 NFL season, Painted Saw Media did a successful promotion for all of it’s NFL Twitter reader iPhone apps. The iPhone apps were available for free in the iTunes app store from Labor day until the opening kickoff on Thursday Sept. 10th. The promotion generated hundreds of downloads in only a few days.

Apps currently available: Jets Tweets, Giants Tweets, Chargers Tweets, Ravens Tweets, Bills Tweets, Bengals Tweets, Titans Tweets, and Redskins Tweets. Additional teams are currently being developed.

The apps’ capabilities include:
• No Twitter account is needed.
• Read the latest Twitter updates from players from your favorite team in one place.
• Not cluttered with bloggers or reporters.
• Fast startup, easy to use and navigate.
• Fast retrieval of new content feeds.
• Available for iPhone and iPod touch.

Twitter Reader apps for iPhone or iPod touch are available for download in the App Store:

Painted Saw Media is an iPhone app developing company started in 2009 by Stephen Connolly. It’s mission is to develop easy to use and elegant iPhone applications for distribution in Apple’s app store and to develop as a service for companies looking for their own iPhone applications.

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