Launches as Free Blog Ping Tool

PingNinja is an industry leading blog marketing product released completely free to the general public. It was developed to help the blogging community increase their traffic and revenue while saving them precious time.

Atlanta, GA, September 13, 2009 --( In response to the increasing number of bloggers online, CantSayNo Inc., a leading search engine marketing company, servicing small to medium sized businesses for over 11 years, have launched PingNinja (, their first premium blog marketing solution delivers bloggers one of the most effective pinging tools available.

CantSayNo Incs' CEO, Joshua Palmer explains the premise behind PingNinja and CantSayNo Inc. "Bloggers don't want to worry about marketing their blogs or the stress of driving traffic to their site, they simply want to blog. CantSayNo Inc. offers a fully automated solution to this problem. In the competitive online world it gives bloggers the chance to increase their exposure without having to juggle blogging and marketing."

PingNinja is a fully automated pinging service that accurately submits blogs to over thirty of the most popular blog search engines. Few pinging services on the market offer a reliable submission solution that actually saves bloggers time. PingNinja fills the void in this rapidly growing market ensuring bloggers have access to a dependable and cost effective tool to help them increase traffic without the hassles.

PingNinja utilizes advanced automated technology to submit each blog to thirty-eight blog search engines including Google, Technorati, Yahoo!, FeedBurner, NewsGator and more. A 100% free service, this new web app allows users to simultaneously update their listing across all the search engines, ensuring new readers and subscribers are kept up to date on new posts and content.

CantSayNo Inc.
Jeff Conner